Sleeping Problems

I noticed that for 2 weeks now, I’m having a hard time falling asleep. I work at night so my routine is I go home at around 9:30am, nap at 10am or 10:30, get up and fetch Tien at 11:45am and spend the rest of the afternoon taking care of my youngest and browsing the net. I would often feel sleepy at 3:30pm. But these past few days were different. I stay awake until 6pm! No matter how many twists and turns I do, my etese are as big as an owl’s. I’m thinking it’s because of stress and me, overthinking. There are a lot of things going through my mind which bother me- new schedule, moving out of the company, tasks I have to finish and all about workplace stuff. I know that this is not healthy but I could not stop myself from doing it. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I pray that to fall asleep fast today. Instead of useless over thinking, I just decided to spill it here. Next time, I’ll search for tips on how to get a good sleep. For now, I should have this mindset- leave everything in the office. You have a life outside and it’s supposed to be enjoyed.


5 thoughts on “Sleeping Problems

  1. Wow! Your sleeping schedule is so interesting! It’s good that you’re trying to let out your emotions- I also have a hard time falling to sleep because I can’t help thinking about everything all at once. Just try relaxing a bit and maybe watching a movie so your eyes feel tired?

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