Realizations and Preparation

Last time, I talked about resigning from my job due to changes and too much pressure. That time, I really wanted to leave but the dilemma was I did not have a new workplace yet. I was so confused and asking for signs. After further thinking and seeking advice from friends whom I also consider my mentor, I already decided to stay. I learned so much from what happened and felt like my energy was renewed.

Thinking that I might help someone, I already to shared these thoughts to our online support group and yey, I received positive feedback.Now allow me to part my realizations from what I recently I went through with the hope that this can inspire you.

1. Surrender your plans to the Lord.. He will not set us up for failure . We may not get what we want now but He will surely give it to you in His right time. Wait and let Him take control. 

2. Surround yourself with the right kind of people. Be with group of people who will bring out the best in you, make you feel good about yourself and your situation. Those who always complain like others to feel what they feel. They will suck the happiness and positivity out of you. You’ll wake up one day to find out that you’re already one of them and it’s not a healthy feeling.

3. Be thankful for what you have. Not everyone has a loving family, fun circle of friends and stable job like you. Despite what you’re going through, be grateful for the blessings that make you appreciate life.

4. Plan. Prepare. If you’re about to make a big decision that will affect not only yourself but your family the most, you have to prepare for it. Don’t decide off the bat. Weigh your options. Have plans A and B. Gain enough experience to be physically and mentally ready for whatever move you want to do. Victory loves preparation. 

5. Be productive. Do not dwell on your problem to the point where you do not have the energy to play with your kids or bond with your friends. Find a solution. Overthinking and stress can make you feel exhausted. Fight them off by staying positive and changing your attitude towards work.

I have decided to stay in my current company for the next 3 months. Well at least I have a clearer plan now. I’ve set a timeline to gain more knowledge and skills for me to be ready if I change my mind or an opportunity knocks. Haste really makes waste. Being stressed out doee not mean that you cant get out of it.There’s always something that you can do. I hope this post cheered you up a little 🙂






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