Motivation Pieces


( Photo captured from a former boss’ Facebook status )

These past few days have been “realization days”. I had lightbulb moments and was able to put everything to perspective. Learning indeed, is a never ending process and I consider myself blessed for being surrounded with people who share their positivity, give advice, and guide me whenever there’s a misroute on my journey.

I have new motivation pieces for myself that will surely help me in day to day survival. Let me share them with you.

1. You do not need to be a people pleaser. A leader does not always give favor to his people. Your people truly “love” you if they understand your job and why you have to discipline them.

2.  Control your emotions and be careful with what you say to your people so you don’t need to waste your energy in dealing with awkward moments. 

3. Measure someone’s EQ by his maturity on how he/she perceives things and changes. 

4. Keep 95% of what you want to say to yourself. If you want to spill it out, tell your supervisor or colleague. Not those under you. 

5. A leader influences the group’s culture. 

6. Do not underestimate yourself. 

7. A leader makes tough decisions and it is inevitable. If you think what you did is right, fight for it.

8. While you may be ready faculty-wise/ technical-wise, you also need to assess your maturity and your competencies.

9. We can simplify things by not having gray areas. 

10. Have a coping mechanism. You can’t talk to someone when you dont feel okay with that person.

I am grateful for everything that I learned today. It made me look at things differently. Somehow, I unloaded some of my burdens. Thank God for sending these people. And I hope that through this post I am able to share the blessings I received.


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