Love at Eleven


It was 9 years ago when I had my own family. I was too young to become a mom and wife. Just 17 years old. Back then, I thought that at my age I should have been at parties and enjoying my college life but there I was, thinking about the future of the little life inside my tummy and my husband who’s as young as me. I was still studying that time and did not want to stop going to school. My dream is to finish my studies and my husband/bf gave way so I could fulfill my dreams. He worked hard to finance my schooling and to give our baby’s needs. He was 16. Fast forward 2016, now I have a stable job and I am helping him earn for our family’s future.

More than his perseverance to provide for our family, I will forever be grateful to my husband for loving me unconditionally. I hurt him by words when we fight. I don’t follow what he tells me to do. I don’t have the time to take care of him when he’s preparing for work because I am too lazy to get up. He babysits the kids at night. He supports my sidelines. He takes me to work so I can have more sleeping time since the train station closes at 9:30pm. I can write about hundreds of things that he does for me and our family but it’s not enough to thank him for his kindness.

Our marriage is not perfect and so are we but his effort to change for the better is just amazing. I did not know that he could do it because of his past mistakes. Trials made us stronger. It kept us closer. It made us love each other more. We still have a long journey to take but I don’t mind bumps on the road for I have a hand to hold. I know I am secured.

Thank God for giving me a man like him. Thank God for 11 challenging yet, fruitful years with my husband. Bless us tonight on our road trip as we celebrate our anniversary πŸ™‚ Happy 11 years,baby!

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    This is another beautiful love story. Thank you so much for sharing the link to this post with me. I wish you many, many, many more beautiful years together xoxo.

    If you have a love story to share, please let me know. You can either send me the link to it or write it all down for me to be put up on my blog. Just email me:

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