Unexpected Joy

Just yesterday I was surprised when one of my associates thanked me for coaching him. It came as a surprise for I haven’t heard that word in a while. Everytime I talk to my agents they always vent out. They rant. We have what we call their “hanash” or complaints. I understand that the past months were full of chaos and events that lead people to leave (although they have other reasons like bigger salary in another company). I, too had or should I say currently having my own down moment.

I have this burden inside due to relying too much on people and expecting that they understand my job but somehow I still manage to see the things in life I should be thankful for and the people who give time to listen and give me advice. That’s why it was touching for me when I heard those words. There are those who may not be as skilled as the others but have high motivation and very positive. And right now,given the state of our program we need more people like them. The ones who see things positively, do not demand too much,open to new learning and know how to appreciate the management’s efforts in boosting their morale and help them bring back their motivation.

Thank you, too, for making me feel a little better. It means so much to me.


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