There’s Hope

I don’t know what’s happening with my country. Whenever I check my FB feeds, I always see friends exchanging harsh comments to stand for their presidential candidate. My feeds has started to get flooded by information about the candidate’s bad side, revealed secrets and FB friends who keep on bashing other’s bet. ย What’s worse is I chanced upon my former agent’s post about how her boyfriend does not have time for her because the latter is busy campaigning for Santiago.

Is this what election is all about? We all have a reason why we want to vote for that person. And with how many voters and people in social media, do not expect that everyone will have the same sentiment as you. And it’s a free country for God’s sake!We have the right to choose. There is no point fighting with your loved one just to make him or her switch side. There’s even no sense bashing an artist just because he performed in Binay’s campaign rally. It is his job to entertain and to bring food to the table. It does not make him less of a person. He’s doing his role as a father.

People are becoming more and more disrespectful nowadays. There’s nothing wrong if you want to tell the world who your bet is. What’s making this matter a bad one is when we start being selfish and inconsiderate of other’s feelings and will. I am a supporter of Duterte as well as my husband and we have our own way to show it. One of my blogger friends doctoreamer is also for Duterte and he blogs about him to show his support. Others print shirts for free. There are a lot ways to participate in this election period and make a change. Start by respecting different POVs. Weigh your candidate’s pros and cons. And vote whoever you think GENUINELY loves the Philippines. Instead of hate posts, let’s spread a prayer. Prayer for a better country because there’s hope.


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