Journeys of Mommas

They say that being a Mom is the only job that makes you work 365 days in a year with no leaves. I guess it’s true but this role is the best I’ve ever played. It’s challenging and rewarding at the same time.

It’s tough to juggle your corporate job and your tasks at home but I want to play and take care of my kids even if it means that I am deprived of sleep.Β I think my average hours of sleep is 4. As someone who works at night, it’s REALLY hard to stay awake when “kinukuha ka na ng liwanag” (it’s a term we use when someone is sleepy) but I just think that in a few hours, I’ll be at home with Ate and Z. That thought keeps my eyes open and yes sir, I become energetic and I am able to finish my tasks quickly.Β 

I have a friend who’s a single mom with 2 kids. Her social life is practically having a breakfast after shift in the nearest fast food restaurant. But she does not complain. Her priority is her kids and spending time with them is what she loves to do.

I have an associate who sad to say,and I really hate to use this term so please excuse me for my lack of better words, was abandoned by her boyfriend. She’s pregnant and her good for nothing bf cut their means of communication right after he left for abroad. But I admire her courage for standing up and not feeling pity for herself. I know it’s hard and she cries a lot of times but she’s determined to be the baby’s mother and father at the same time.

My mother-in-law takes care of my kids so my husband and I can work. She also cooks for us and washes our clothes. What would I do without her help? I pray for the Lord to give her strength everyday and to take away her illness.

My Mom has been a single parent ever since my Dad died 4 years ago. That time my 2 siblings were still in college. Through hard work, she was able to finance their studies until they graduated and both of them have stable jobs now. One is a trainer in a real-estate company and my brother has just started his duty as a police officer.

A mother’s journey is full of sacrifice and hardship but it is blessed with love and endless learning.To all moms out there, Happy Moms Day! 😘😘😘😘


12 thoughts on “Journeys of Mommas

  1. I see a huge change in my sister after her baby was born last year. I love my niece and all I can say is she brought happiness and love into the house and along with that she brought tons of strength and courage for my sister.. Love your articles, filled with love and care even after having no rest… keep it up Meg πŸ™‚

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