Why I Write

IMG_20160514_094550When I was in grade school, I remember reading my older sister’s books. She’s 3-4 years ahead of me and I don’t know why but when I learned how to read, I found stories amusing.My love for stories became stronger as I grew older because I had an access to more books and there was this literary TV show (sad to say it’s not existing anymore )titled Pahina, which featured stories written by Filipino authors. Because of these, I was inspired to write my own.

If you have read my About page, I put that I started writing when I was 8 years old and that’s true but you know what a girl as young as that could write- A little girl’s lost bread, the cat and the mouse, what happens to kids who dislike veggies and the likes 🙂 My humble writing skill was enhanced when I became part of our school paper’s Editorial and Feature teams. I took up Broadcast Communications when I was in college and enjoyed our courses about writing scripts for TV and Radio and stage plays. We also had a subject about online writing and that’s when I learned about blogging (Multiply was my first blog site.RIP). You just read my short history of writing.

“Writing makes me feel alive”

Writing for me is pouring my heart and  soul into paper (online or the real one HAHA) It’s revealing the inner me. This I also put in About page- IT MAKES ME FEEL ALIVE. When I write, it’s like there’s another world inside my head that’s being discovered the first time. I write because I want to continue what I really love to do. I write because I want to share whatever knowledge I have, entertain people and somehow inspire them. I write because it’s in my system and it’s one of the reasons why I believe in forever 🙂

I was on hiatus for a long time due to new hobbies and other real life dramas but it’s been 2 months since I started writing again and this time, I am determined to continue for as long as I can. I am excited to share more stories and learn from others as well. Now I have more inspirations to write because of mommyhood, marriage, kseries and every experience that I find worth sharing. Cheers to writing and to our inner voices!

Day One of Everyday Inspiration: I Write Because


2 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. I started writing as a teen. I had a few things that made my friends comment. But left it alone for years. I found stream of conscious is my muse. It’s fascinating that we all write with what we know. Realizing it seems to help get where you what the piece to go.

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