Trip To Palawan (In My Dreams)

To reward top performers for Q1 of 2016, our program launched an incentive for an all expense paid trip to Palawan. Yes, it’s FREE! And this is Palawan, son! One of the best places in the Philippines. I was excited! So the thing is I should have been there today. I was included on the list but I refused to go. I. REFUSED. TO. GO. You might think at this point how stupid I am for declining it.Β Even my boss kept on asking me if my decision would not change because it’s “sayang” ( anong english ng sayang?)and I deserve it but I told him my decision is final.

Deep inside, I am dying to go. It’s not everyday that you get a chance to travel for free. WALA NG LIBRE SA PANAHON NGAYON. HAHA. I would also love to experience the fruit of my hard work. My husband and I argued when I first told him that I’m going to Palawan. I will not go into details about the argument but that’s the main reason why I decided Β not to go. Now as I see the tripsters’ pictures on Facebook, I am a little envious. Hindi ako plastik para hindi mainggit ng very light. Haha. That would have been my first airplane ride (oo, di pa ko nakakasakay ng eroplano!) and my first time to experience the beauty of Puerto Princesa.I’m a bit sad but not bitter at all. I know that I made the right decision because my son needs me here. Remember my post about his accident? His condition has improved but he couldn’t drink his milk properly. It is evident that he lost weight and I’m praying everyday for him to recover fast. My husband is feeling sick, too and as a wife and mother with these worries in my head, if I joined the trip, I wouldn’t enjoy it fully for I would wonder how they’re doing and miss them so much.

Despite the envy, I’m happy for those who are in Palawan right now. Good job,guys! Ikain at iparty nyo na lang ako ha. I know there will be this kind of opportunity in the future and I will sustain my performance for me to be included again. For now, I will enjoy the reward of being a working mom- hugs,kisses and lots of love from my kids and husband.


29 thoughts on “Trip To Palawan (In My Dreams)

      1. Oo dati. Nagresign nako nung Biyernes..hehe. Dami members don 10k meron at meron ka makikitang members na fb friend mo. Haha..yung isang kababata ko, nagbblog din, dun lang kami ulit nagtagpo.

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      2. Haha. Yun naman pala..yung dati naman sakin nakita ko rin sya sa moms group. Eh hindi ko sha bet harhar. Sya ang bnlock ko para di nya makita mga comment at post ko πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  1. Naniniwala ako na makakarating ka din sa mga places na gusto mong puntahan.. Just say it, and it shall be.. Ganyan kasi nangyari sa akin, at tingin ko na kapag na-declare mo na makakapunta ka or magagawa mo ang isang bagay, matutupad ito..

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