A Letter To Someone Who Cannot Respond


Hi Dad!

I know you’re doing well with the Lord beside you. I just want to let you know that we miss you so bad. I miss you everyday. People say you really can’t move on when death took someone close to you and this is true. There are times when I love to look at our pictures and there are days when I don’t because I tend to cry. I remember when Chitan and I attended a mass . There was this old man standing outside who struggled in carrying the heavy stuff he’s selling. I cried. I asked myself why his children let him work at his age. He couldn’t even walk properly. Your face suddenly flashed in my mind.

As much as I would like to talk more about you, tears are starting to form like clouds in my eyes. You are never forgotten, Daddy. The Beatles, Bread, Carpenters, adobo, tortang giniling, gulaman, sando, jeepney, coins, they remind me of you. Your grandchildren, especially Tien, often talks about you. She tells me she resembles you. Our baby boy was named after you- Zaldy to Zady. Chitan misses you, too. When something happens, we always ask each other, “what if Daddy’s here?” Please, let me see you in my dreams once more. It’s been a while since you’ve visited me.

It feels like yesterday when you left us. Whenever I visit our house, I still hope for you to come home after driving your jeepney then sit on the chair, take off your shirt and ask for a glass of water. We miss you, Daddy. One day when we meet again, let’s sing a song and eat kalburger.

I love you ❤

” in my life, I love you more…”


Day 8 of Blogging U’s Everyday Writing- Reinvent The Letter Format


22 thoughts on “A Letter To Someone Who Cannot Respond

  1. My grandmother passed away and while I read that post it reminded me of her, even though it was about your father. I was touched. As a writer I find inspiration in your words and i envision you with your father enjoying your time together. Wonderful

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