Writing Challenge and Awards

Let The Scene Write Itself

For Day 10, we’re asked to describe a scene. I wrote this minutes after I have witnessed the scene inside
the train.

Monday shift has just ended and I am on my way home riding a train. Luckily, it is not that crowded inside. Everyone is busy with their mobile phones. It is just an ordinary scene. Some are standing and most of the ladies are sitting. We stopped on the next station and a woman with a folder and big bags entered. She started talking about her “baby boy” being diagnosed with a kidney disease and then she opened a folder and showed the picture of the baby. On the other side of the folder is a document (she’s near me but I did not have the chance to read the paper properly) which according to her, is a proof that she’s telling the truth. All eyes were on her. I happened to see the picture and it’s a cute little boy. I thought of my own baby and felt pity for her own child. She’s saying something about the price of the treatment but I was not able to hear it because I was busy looking for my wallet. I held back a little but I could not get baby’s face off my head. I just told myself that if she’s lying, karma’s just around the corner. Almost all of the passengers gave money. We arrived in our final stop and stepped out. It was supposed to be an ordinary train scenario but there is a story to share now.

Yes, I know there are many scams here but I have a soft heart for babies for I am a mom. I sincerely hope for the baby to be healed and for God to provide their needs. If that woman is not telling the truth, poor her. She made use of an angel to benefit from others.

What a scene before I end my day 🙂

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