Writing Challenge and Awards

The Alchemist

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”

      -Astronomer Carl Sagan

There are many things in life that are waiting to be discovered whether it’s a talent, a dream, or a hidden treasure. That’s how powerful and mysterious the universe is. Television, telephone, ferris wheel,computer and penicillin- these are just few proofs that even before, greatness unfolded in different parts of the world. Imagine our life without these things (yes ferris wheel is important,too! Haha)

Who would have thought that a girl who took chances joining singing contests in the Philippines, travelled places to look for competitions with just enough money for fare will become a worldwide sensation. You got it, it’s Charice (disclaimer: I am not a fan but she’s awesome when she sings) JK Rowling who declared bankruptcy and lived by government support created one of the best books of all time- Harry Potter (I am a huge fan!)

Incredible things also happen to ordinary people. We just have to keep pushing for our dreams and passion and continue doing what we do best. Who knows you might be the next Miss Universe, President or the richest person in the world 😉


Day 15 of Blogging U’s Everyday Writing- Take A Cue From Your Reader

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