No To Parent Judging

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Yesterday, I joined Rappler’s Twitter conversation regarding parent judging. They asked if we have ever been judged as a parent. I enjoyed reading different opinions- how others view parenthood and  how they deal with judgment . Here are some of the tweets from our thread;

MEGumiho♥‏ @jasmortega
@rapplerdotcom some breastfeeding moms feel superior coz of their ability to produce milk that they become insensitive of ff moms’ feelings

Rappler‏ @rapplerdotcom
“Your child’s milk does not define you as a parent,” says @jasmortega. #NoToParentJudging

rick‏ @rickrick888
Have you ever been judged as a parent? How did you deal with it? #NoToParentJudging

@rapplerdotcom my mother in law is my no.1 critic. Haha. She used to bug me about my kid’s clothes, their food and when my kids are sick

MEGumiho♥‏ @jasmortega@rapplerdotcom before,I just follow wat she tells me to do but now I do wat I I think is right for my kids mykids,myrules#NoToParentJudgin

Rappler‏ @rapplerdotcom
@jasmortega Thank you for sharing! How will you encourage parents who feel judged for their choices? #NoToParentJudging

MEGumiho♥‏ @jasmortega remember that letting them eat chocolates, play in the rain and watch cartoons at times does not make you a bad parent 🙂

@rapplerdotcom it wouldn’t hurt if we ask help from others who have more experience than us. I love reading articles about parenting

Alexandra’s Diary‏ @cerynise203 Being a parent takes a lot of hard work,effort and understanding. And each has their own style. Every parent is unique. #NoToParentJudging

I am far from being a perfect parent and there are many things that I have yet to learn. Making mistakes and learning from them then eventually teaching your child the right thing to do is part of parenthood.  A lot of factors can affect your relationship with your kids and technology is on top of the list. Children become more and more exposed to it. Let me end this blog with this:

ana cabanban‏ @anacabanana
@jasmortega @rapplerdotcom If we take a step back, technology can allow us to see what matters- what it means to be human #NoToParentJudging

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