88 Burgers (Feeling Critic 1)


Mudslide (photo by NocturnalMom)

We have been experiencing rain for the past couple of days and nothing beats a hot soup to keep us warm on a bedweather. But instead of the usual, husband and I decided to have burger and milkshake. I’ve been longing to try 88Burgers located in Leon Guinto St. Manila, in front of St. Scholastica’s College. What lured us into this place? Pictures of their milkshakes on Facebook! They look yummy with loads of toppings and the quantity of serving. So in the middle of rain and flood in Manila, we drove all the way there. You can drop by Vito Cruz station (north side) and the place is just a minute away.

The place can accomodate about 20-25 people I think. It’s not that big. It could be nice except that it’s a bit messy (for me at least) because they also do printing, hence, expect boxes and boxes of papers and an almunimum foil on top of the computer. Well maybe they haven’t cleaned it yet since it’s raining and they’ve expected only a few customers. Their menu includes only 6 milkshakes and their burgers- Cheeseburger Jr. costs 44php, double patty or Cheeseburger (senior! Jk) is 88php and the biggest (Big Bob) costs 148php.

Photo from Google

We ordered Mudslide (148php) and we’re happy when they served it! It’s just the same as how they have it in their menu. It’s so sweet and had lots of toppings-cherry,brownies,sticko,a big wafer and pretzels. That’s 100 ganda points! We were already enjoying our order when the burger came. It’s the same size as an ordinary burger but I must say, it’s delicious. You can taste the beefiness and the veggies are fresh. Each table has its set of condiments- catsup,hot sauce,mustard and they even give plastic gloves if you don’t want to eat your burger with bare hands. We finished our cheeseburger in less than 10mins (sorry I was not able to take photos of it) We had some milkshake left over (sorry,Lord) because we could not stand the sweetness anymore (and the thought that I would get even fatter)

The food tastes good but not something that’s to die for including the not so friendly ate who asked for our order. They should start thinking about separating the dining area and their printing place to organize their supplies and make the ambiance more relaxing . Let’s consider that they’re fairly new and there’s always a room for improvement. I think I might visit them again when that happens.


My Rating: (5 stars being the best)
Place- 2.5 stars
Food- 4 stars
Staff- 2.5 stars


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