Count on Me

Our winning “Selfie With My Bestie Contest” message: Through thin and thick…literally! Pumayat o tumaba, best of friends pa rin!

Do you have a bestfriend? What is his/her name? How long have you been friends? They say that friends understand you better than you understand yourself. The Lord has blessed me with such great people in my life and my bff is one of them.

Her name is Karizza and we’ve known each other since we’re 9 years old. From our childhood “kalokohan” to mother talks, I still enjoy my “chika” time with her. I still remember when I first told her about my crush (who is my husband now haha!) We used to take a bath and eat together and it felt like she’s closer to me than my own sister.

When we hit puberty, she became taller and even more beautiful. She’s always the center of attention wherever we go. She’s Reyna Elena during Flores De Mayo and even competed in a local beauty contest. I was proud and Β gave my full support but I guess since I was young then Β at some point, I felt envious of her beauty. But she never made me feel inferior. In fact, she always tells me how smart I am and that she’s thankful I’m there whenever she needs an advice. Good thing I was able to overcome the bad feeling I felt toward her for if not, I would not have a bestfriend now.

We had our own family at an early age and Β my eldest is a year older than her son. Now we both have 2kids, girls and boys. Work, business, friends, kids, husbands and family stuff and our dreams- we always talk about these. We may not see each other often but we know very well that our friendship never ends. Gone are the days of crushes and heartbreaks and when we had a brawl with our enemies. That’s one of my most memorable moments with her. I slapped and pulled the hair of the girl who pushed her. No one can harm my best friend! πŸ˜‰

During the Sunday Service we attended together, it was mentioned that TRUE FRIENDS DO NOT COMPETE WITH EACH OTHER. TRUE FRIENDS ARE LOYAL AND ONE WITH YOU IN SPIRIT. I will forever be grateful for having a BFF like her. Our friendship is covenantal and I know that someone is always ready to slap my enemy for me :p


Β We may not be as slim as before but we’re more confidently beautiful now πŸ™‚ I love you, Beshy πŸ˜‰

What’s your bff story? Share it! πŸ™‚


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