FB_IMG_1468738984480It was December 5,2013 when I took the test that showed 2 red lines. Positive. I was thrilled. After almost 7 years, I would become a mother AGAIN. You were unplanned and unexpected  but the Lord blessed us with another baby because He had a purpose.

I already claimed you’re a boy the moment I started buying stuff for you. Our family was filled with joy when the doctor finally confirmed it! We were together during our team meetings,coaching sessions and action planning.  Though I had a hard time travelling from Manila to Makati everyday because of the usual train problems and the weight we gained,  I became more motivated to do better at work to earn for your future and because of the people who cared and loved us in the office.

When depression hit me, you gave me hope. You saved me from falling apart and wrecking my life. Your father and I became closer as we watchyou reach every milestone. He changed for the better for you and Ate. You brought joy and so much blessing into our lives. Our little family gained another angel and we could not be any happier.

On your 2nd birthday, I want to let you know how much Mama loves you. You may not understand my message right now but I’ll keep this until such time that you can read and feel the pride and overflowing love I have for you. Happy Birthday my dear Z.


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