Twinning With My Little Lady

I have always wanted for me and Ate to wear matching clothes. A lot of times, she decides on what to wear whenever we go malling, attend church or on birthday parties. If I did not approve the clothes she chose, she would insist. I miss the times when she does not resist to whatever I pick for her to wear. The baby girl who I used to doll up is now a little lady. Good thing she finds terno clothes “cute” which helped me in convincing her to wear them.Collage 2016-07-05 12_32_46

The first terno dress we ever had from DCN. I like the lace details. When she first saw this, she said, “ay ang galing!” After wearing it: “maganda sya, Ma,mainit lang sa katawan.” Haha!


She loves this one- terno jumpshort. It’s so comfy. We wore this on my husband’s birthday last March.


The latest terno I scored from an online seller. Same with the first set, mainit din daw sa katawan to at medyo maluwag daw sa kanya. Marunong talagang mag-comment to e.


Twinning with my daughter is one of our bonding moments. I can also feel her happiness when we wear our matchy-matchy items. We even have our own terno sandals! I’ll take a photo next time. Small things like this matter especially when you’re a working mom for you don’t get to spend 24/7 with your kids. I will enjoy this phase of her life where she thinks twinning with your mother is one of the coolest things ever.

***1st and 2nd terno from DC Ngking. You may add her on Facebook and check her items for affordable matching clothes (this is not a sponsored post. I just want to spread the word 😉 ) 


26 thoughts on “Twinning With My Little Lady

  1. Cute nyo pong dalawa. 😄 naaalala ko pag mamimili kami ni mama, pag meron sya, meron din ako. Pag meron ako, meron din sya. Magkaiba lang ng kulay kasi magkaiba kami ng favorite color hehe. Kaso nga lang ngayon, di na po gaano. Hehe

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