How we had a Family Movie Date for Less Than 100pesos


After 2 weekends of not being able to be with us due to work, Papa P agreed to watch The Secret Life of Pets yesterday. We brought the kids along with us. We had so much fun and it’s a delight to see that my children enjoyed the film. We don’t do this kind of activity regularly because watching movies on the big screen is quite expensive. We would spend 800 pesos for tickets and another hundred bucks for food so that’s more than 1000 pesos in just a day! I know, I know, it’s not everyday but if there’s a way to treat your family without hurting your pocket, that’d be better. It’s an achievement for me to have done it yesterday. Allow me to share how we managed to have a family movie date for less than 100 pesos.


Free movie tickets- in June and July, I earned movie tickets from our program incentive. Each ticket costs 100php. We already used some when Papa P and I watched Bourne and Detective Conan. I saved the others especially for a family movie. I was tempted to use it for Suicide Squad and Now You See Me 2 but I stopped myself and decided to just keep the tickets. TSLOP was worth the wait.

Tip: If your company/department/program offers an incentive, go get ’em! They are rewards you deserve for working hard. Double your effort and always exceed what is expected of you. Whether it’s money or goodies, you will surely enjoy the fruit of your hard work.


Bring your own baon- since a tub of popcorn costs 120 pesos and I am aware that we would need 2, I put some snacks in our cart when we did our grocery last Friday- peanuts, popcorn and biscuits. A bottle of mineral water is 25 pesos that’s why we brought or own drinks, too! That saved us roughly 300 pesos Amazing!

Tip: You can bring whatever baon you want (oh, except rice meals. It’s kinda hassle and messy) Make your own sandwich and juice. Buy popcorn outside. The price is way cheaper. 


Be strategic in choosing the time- we checked the schedule beforehand and chose to watch at 2:10 PM. It always rains in Manila during late afternoon so after lunch is safe for us to travel,plus, since it’s past 12 o’clock that would mean we’re done eating at home. No need to dine in a restaurant. Home-cooked meals are the best!

Tip: Eat at home before you go to the mall and grab cheaper snacks if you still want to eat while strolling. 

Bonding with your family does not have to be expensive. There are a lot of ways to make memories with them without having to spend much or compromising your budget. What’s important is the moment you share and the time you spend with them. That’s something that money can’t buy. Remember, the best things in life are free.


21 thoughts on “How we had a Family Movie Date for Less Than 100pesos

      1. Kaya nga eh. Hehehe, kaya ang weekend bonding madalas sa bahay lang. But God is really kind for giving us such sweet treats, noh? 🙂
        Kaway-kaway sa mga mommies na mahilig sa freebies at giveaways para may libreng bonding with the family! 😀

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      2. True 🙂 May mga nasalihan na din ako na contests sa moms group naka- iskot na ko ng hairbows for my daughter, lingerie for me and load kay husband. Hehe.


  1. Most of the time kelangan talaga natin maging wais para makatipid. Kame we just watch movies at home most of the time kasi nga mahal na movie tickets ngayon, although sometimes we really choose to watch in cinemas then sa food nalang magtitipid like what you mentioned. But sometimes, para makatipid din, we watch old movies in sm cinemas. Dati it costs P20/ticket, just don’t know kung ganun pa din ngaun. But I know meron pa din in selected sm cinemas. Old movies yes (year or so ago), but there are really good movies sometimes. Tsaka mostly naman its the bonding that matters.

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