Life Lessons


These “teachers” have taught me the most valuable lessons in life.


Do not rush things when it comes to love. You will surely find the right one who will make you feel like you’re the most beautiful person in the universe.

Your heart is not safe from being broken even when you’re already married but that’s what love is- facing challenges together, accepting each other’s weaknesses and imperfections and forgiving your partner. Pray for him/her. Always.

empty pockets

Everybody wants to enjoy the money we worked hard for. What’s a little reward for yourself after a tough week? Would it hurt if we treat our family or friends every pay day? Psalms 128:2 says “You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours”

It is never wrong to use your hard-earned money to enjoy life’s pleasure but we need to set priorities. I learned this lesson the hard way. We came to a point where our bank account was nearly zero because we used to spend a lot and we never thought of handling our finances the right way. The basic formula is income-savings= expenses. First thing you have to do after receiving your paycheck is to save.

Remember that there’s a future you need to prepare for. There are unexpected circumstances that require us to be financially ready like sickness, emergencies, and yes, death. Create a budget. Stick to it. Save money. Enjoy life without leaving a hole in your pocket and compromising your future.


I was eyeing the Cum Laude spot back in college a low grade in Algebra did not make it possible.  I joined several school competitions without bagging a prize. When I was one step away from becoming a Team Leader in 2012,our program closed and the operations was brought back to the US. Moving on was not easy but I have learned that as long as the sun is shining and you are breathing, you can always give it another shot.

Take feedback positively and work on your opportunities. Create better action plans.Seek advice from trusted and credible people. Be hungry in learning new things. Pray for your plans. If it’s meant for you, everything will be smooth sailing. Same with the opposite.  No matter how hard you try if it’s something that’s not supposed to be yours, it will never be. “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”-Proverbs 16:9. If a door closes, a window opens.

Experience indeed is the best teacher. We learn from our own and from other people’s mistake, too. Keep the lessons to your heart and it will take you places.  places.You become wiser and stronger everytime you make it through the storm. You’re armed with new lessons that will help you make better decisions in life.

Do you have any experiences from these “teachers”? I’d love to hear that. Share it and inspire others 🙂


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18 thoughts on “Life Lessons

  1. Very wise post! I’ve learned that when a potential experience, such as an overseas move, comes our way, if it’s meant to be, it ends up working out smoothly. If not, we may not know why, but we’re never disappointed for long because something better comes along later. Usually in these cases, timing plays a part. It’s important to remember that our time is not our Father’s time. It has taught me to trust more in His timing.

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