Things I Learned From my Lifetime Buddy

We refer to our partners as our “better half”. Our weakness may be their strength and vice versa. My husband is my mentor and my critic. The best friend who does not agree with me all the time just because I am his wife. He provides honest feedback for he wants me to improve. I’ve listed some of the things he unconsciously taught me. Hope you can learn from them, too.

1. Live simply and happily- We often talk about our plans and dreams and he mentioned that being rich is not his desire. As long as his dream of having our own tiny home, a small business, and send his children to one of the best schools in the country come true, he’ll be content. There is absolutely no problem if you want to become a millionaire. I myself would love to be one 🙂 But I respect my husband’s view in life- living simply will bring more joy and peace to our family.

2. Praying is thanking, not just asking- Being the curious (read: madaldal) wife that I am, I remember asking him what he prayed for after attending a mass in Quiapo. He said he thanked God for his life and for all the blessings we received. He is grateful for our health, the food we eat, and our jobs. I once uttered that he should pray to have the things he wants. My husband humbly replied, “when you pray, it’s not always to ask for something but to thank Him for what you have right now. The fact that you’re alive is enough to be thankful for.”

3. Be a true and loyal friend- The number of his godchildren can explain how he is a friend,haha! His childhood friends became our kumpare. My husband tries to help them in every way he can.”In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer” can also be a friendship vow. No wonder his friends stayed loyal to him and I know we can count on them when we are the ones in need.

4. Do not let your past define your future- He may have made mistakes in the past but it I know that God is working in his life. He learned his lessons the hard way and his experiences made him mature, wiser, and more responsible. Everybody deserves a second chance and he proved that if we want it real bad, we can abandon our old ways for a better version of our selves.

It’s always better when he’s around. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and positive outlook in life with me, Papa P. Looking forward to more hugs, kisses, and lessons from you *wink*


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