One of the things that I will never get tired of being thankful for is having friends who help me get closer to God. We share each other’s joy, pain, and success. Just recently, one of my friends whom I also consider as my mentor told me to read the bible and share our reflection. With everything that she has taught me about faith, it is the first time that we do bible study that’s why I am excited. We think we already know each other’s life story but, it’s different when we talk about it based on the word of God.

I’ll be sharing with you our #friendshipgoals series. Yeah, it’s popular on social media- hashtag goals. It feels wonderful to have someone who has the same goal as you and that is to praise God. Β We did our first activity somewhere near our workplace over cake and coffee. Let me tell you my realizations and learning from our talk with the hope to inspire and reach out to those who can relate to my story.

We started with 1 John and the verse that really struck me was this:

1 John 1:5
“This is the message we have heard from Him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.”


This year, the greatest lesson God has taught me is all about PEOPLE. I spent so much time with people I do not even know personally and only shared stories with through the internet. I have proven that technology is evil when you’re not responsible in utilizing it. I wasted effort and energy and my dark side ruined me as our so-called friendship turned sour. I thought we could be friends and I could keep them. But I was wrong. I was betrayed by someone close to me and the wound was so deep I did not think I could forgive.The group I protected and cared for hurt me with words. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to play victim because I also hurt some, intentionally and not.

Point is, I relied too much on people. I have no idea what I was looking for. I felt the need to have a lot of folks who’s siding with me when it’s not even necessary and it only resulted to my heart being shattered by expecting from others. In the end, there was no satisfaction but more disappointments.


But just like what the verse says, God is light. He led me to the right path. He pulled me out from the dark hole and made me realize that I need not to prove myself to anybody because I only need to seek God. Whatever I do, it should be for Him for He is the only one who can give me the faithfulness I need. I was busy looking for artificial love when I already received it and it’s being manifested through the people who are true to me and help me grow my faith. Believe me, now I know who they are.

No matter how many people I encounter, no matter how I keep myself busy, the only way for me to feel complete is by doing things for the Lord. You see, it’s all through Him that I am able to write this. That I can admit my mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and try to forgive those who caused me pain. It is through His grace that I get the chance to learn His words which give me the hope and security that I need.


We will stumble and fall and trust the wrong people. You will feel the need to be liked by others. Remember that God gives us the love we need. He knows what you truly feel and who you are. ALWAYS seek God, talk to Him, and let Him speak to you.

Instead of trying to please humans, especially those you haven’t had a face to face conversation with, let’s do things that will delight God for He offers us GENUINE LOVE that no other person can give.


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