First of all, I would like to thank everyone who read and shared my first #friendshipgoals story. I never expected the warm receive by a lot of folks.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

As my friend and I share our bible reflection, I will continue to spread positivity and hope through this series of posts. For our 2nd and 3rd day, fried chicken and pancakes filled our stomach while we fed our souls with God’s words.

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Let’s admit it, there are times when all we think about is how to keep up with the fast-changing world. I just read a blog of Martine De Luna of Make it Blissful entitled FOMO- fear of missing out. There’s this pressure of being updated with what’s hot today. We feel like we need to have the newest iphone unit, wear the lates style, grab that smokin’ hot lipstick shade, or post a beautiful flatlay. Everything is about what’s IN. We go crazy for what’s tangible.

I once felt this FOMO when I was an active member of an online group for moms. Whatever’s trending on the group should be experienced by me.

“B1G1 diaper!”
(gotta have it for my son!)

“Oh they are making yema cakes”                   (I should try, too)

The worst that happened was I got envy when some of the members shared the gifts they received from their husbands- expensive shoes, new cellphones, trip abroad, etcetera, etcetera. It came to a point where my husband got hurt for I kept on ranting how other wives get extravagant stuff. He felt incompetent. It was so stupid of me and there’s nothing to be proud of it. I promised myself to turn away from things that don’t really matter after realizing how shallow I was.

I may not wear Js on my feet but my husband’s unconditional love and us praying together are treasures that no material things can replace.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have the best things in life but don’t forget that we live for Him. We do good deeds because that’s what God wants us to. Each of us has a purpose to serve in this world. In the end, what matters is not the kind of job you have, how many pair of shoes you got, or the zeros in your bank account but the love you’re able to give to your brothers and sisters because of your deep faith and love for God.


Forgiving is easier said than done. You know the saying “if God can forgive, why can’t I?” We need to humble our hearts and forgive those who caused us pain. It may take time but when we free ourselves from resenting someone, it gives us the comfort and peace we need.

I am guilty of not moving on easily when someone do me wrong. I keep on thinking why that happened which adds more stress to my already stressed out self. But now I am learning how to let go of awful memories. I channel my energy into things that bring me joy. I pray hard for God to give me a forgiving heart and change me. It is not easy.

I.AM.NO.ANGEL. But with the desire to live a peaceful life and give delight to God, I am doing my best to choose to forgive everyday. If He has the mercy to forgive my sins, what right do I have to feel bigger than others?

Did you ever feel that FOMO? What did you do to forgive someone who hurt you? If you have a story to share, feel free to comment down. I’d love to hear it. I hope you gained something today. See you on my next post!


18 thoughts on “Abide

  1. I totally resonated with this. I’m not a mom, but I feel that FOMO in so many different ways- even just this blogging community. It is such a blessing, but at times I find myself comparing and inevitably sometimes it leads me to lose focus of my purpose & create feelings of inferiority that make me want to throw in the towel. It took a lot of vulnerability to write this, so thank you for helping us regain that perspective, especially around the craziness of holidays where perspective is so easily lost.

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    1. You’re welcome, Mackenzie! I learned a lot after going through that FOMO phase. Sometimes I still feel it especially that we are into social media. But we shouldn’t lose focus and always set priorities. Focus on what truly matters πŸ™‚

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  2. Now, I’m asking myself lf I really forgive that person?I thought I did. Long process ba tlga ang salitang forgiveness? 😭😭😭. I really appreciate this Mommy Meg Thank you, ang dami ko nanang natutunan kahit na ubos na ung tissue naman sa kakaiyak ko hahaa 😘😘😘😘

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  3. You have a really positive blog and I enjoyed reading your posts. I want to read more however we are in between chores but I’m glad I was able to visit your blog and get to know you better, thanks for sharing your positive thoughts, you’re an inspiration πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ’•

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