Time-out, Take a Step Back, Think


Hey! How’s everyone doing? January ended in a just a blink of an eye. Wow! A month has already passed and I did not notice it. Not that I still have a holiday hangover or my days are slow. Maybe it’s because I think about the future too much that I don’t get to truly feel the present. Yes, one of the resolutions I have for this year is to stop over- thinking. It’s still a work in progress.


There are a handful of topics I would like to write about but the juices in my brain won’t flow. I am physically and mentally tired at work. The demands of my new task consume my energy. Good thing I can still take care of the little champ at home and talk to my daughter about school before I close my eyes in the morning. I need to get a few hours of sleep for I wake up in the afternoon to look after the baby boy.

When my emotions get the best of me, quitting my job always pops up in my mind. We have saved money that could be enough to start a small business. Just imagine the happiness it would bring if my work-at-home dream comes true. But hey, step back. It’s not as easy as I think. This is a plan my husband and I have been talking to since last year but we know there’s a right time to make it happen. No rushing things for unnecessary drama.


I remember when someone I know posted a news on Facebook that she already resigned. I sent her a message to wish her luck on her new path. She said she does not have a job yet but never been happier that she already left her job for it means freedom. She told me to resign if I’m not hapy anymore and just think about the future after quitting.

Well, resigning came across my mind a thousand times but I must disagree with the “think about the future after quitting.” We have a totally different situation and it might not be applicable in my case. I don’t want to put my family’s future at risk.

while there’s a part of me that says,
“why don’t you try it?”

there’s a voice in my mind that whispers,
“don’t get too emotional. don’t ruin your plans because you had a bad day”


I am a firm believer that happiness is a choice. Am I tired? Yes. Am I stressed? Yes. Do I feel miserable? No. Because far from the pressure at work, my job helps me make a difference in people’s lives. And the very fact that I have a job is something I’m grateful for everyday. Call it a consolation, but it helps in keeping myself motivated and to keep my eyes on our goals.

I still find time to do things I love because it’s what keeps me alive 🙂 Maybe all I need is to appreciate myself and say, “you’re doing the right thing, don’t be too hard on yourself.” One day, my dream will come true,in God’s perfect time. I know the challenges I face are God’s works- He’s preparing me for greater and wonderful things. Hope you had an awesome start this February. It’s the love month. Let’s spread love and positivity. ‘Til my next post 🙂

*photo from Facebook-Moms Got Ink


5 thoughts on “Time-out, Take a Step Back, Think

  1. I am facing the same dilemma! Too divided about whether to resign or continue despite not loving my job. You are right though, what a dream come true if the whole work from home thing works out for us mommies…

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