Why You Should Date Your Spouse


Love is in the air! Yeah baby, it’s the Love Month once again. Whenever I check my Facebook feed, I see wives/girlfriends who give hints about what they want to receive on the 14th. Geez, I haven’t posted yet. Anyway, my husband does not have a Facebook account so it does not really matter :p

VDay gifts have evolved from letters and flowers to bacon, stuff toy, and money bouquets. Yes, those three can be made into bouquets. Love and practicality do mix, huh? Just to share my own story, last year, my husband surprised me with an explosion box. It was too sweet, I almost cried. It reminded me of our memories together, before there was littlelady and littlechamp and how we’ve grown as a family.

explosion box
tada! what’s inside the box

While the lovers are busy choosing where to go and the gimmick they want to pull off, I would like to talk about the importance of dating your spouse, even if it’s not Valentine’s Day. Read along and fall in love with your partner over and over again.

1.It reduces stress

Going out without the kids at least once or twice a month is healthy for your relationship and for your body. “Us time” helps take your mind off stress at work and the things you need to attend to at home. You get to focus on happy thoughts with your spouse while enjoying an amusing view over a sumptous lunch/dinner.

Talk about your kid’s milestones, much awaited vacation, anything that will give both of you joy. Ask your partner how he/she’s doing. It feels good to have someone to talk to and to be listened to.

2.It keeps the fire burning

You know the saying “You should never stop courting your partner no matter how long you’ve been together”? The kilig should still be present to add spice into your relationship. Remember when you were bf/gf? You always want to look beautiful for your partner, especially when you go on a date and it should be the same even if you’re already married.

3.You discover something new about each other

My husband and I have been together for almost 12 years now. But sometimes it still amazes me whenever I discover something new about him- how he deals with challenges at work, his opinions about current state issues, and his guilty pleasures (like One Piece) You’ll be surprised when you realize there are things you have yet to find out about your lifetime buddy. He/she will share more of him/herself when it’s just the two of you.

4.It gives sense of security

For me, when you date your spouse it sends out a message that no matter how busy you are, you keep your better half as your priority. Your partner will feel secure that you still find time to have an intimate moment with him/her despite the whirlwind of tasks at home and at work. Time is the greatest form of love.

Before you go out on a date make sure someome’s going to look after the kids, okay? 😉 Love needs to be nurtured and dating is one of the things that will make you and your spouse closer. Go out, talk, laugh, have fun. Enjoy each other’s company and grow in love, even if it’s not Valentine’s Day.

58 thoughts on “Why You Should Date Your Spouse”

  1. As a busy househusband, I still make time to “date” my wife. Whether it’s a spontaneous little pauses to catch up on some quality Netflix, or a week-long trip to someplace new and exotic, these are the moments that tether us together in a world that is often so chaotic it threatens to pull us further apart.

    Great advice, and glad to be here!

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  2. Ever since I became a WAHM, my husband and I rarely get a chance to date each other alone. I mean, we do go out every Sunday but we are with our toddler most of the time. While I love spending time with both of them, I still long for the days wherein we can have our time together, just the two of us for a day – enjoying each other’s company. Even our Valentine’s date yesterday was spent with our toddler and my in-laws on a dinner date at a resto near our home! Haha! Oh well, darating din ulit yung time na makakapag-date kami na kami lang ulit. Our son’s still young pa kasi plus there’s another one on the way.

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  3. I have been married for 16 years now to a bf of 9 year. So thats about 25 years of being together. The secret is having time for each other even if you already have children. YES we date and go on escapades (like travel abroad or out of town) – just the 2 of us.

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  4. Love the explosion box 🙂

    I agree, however, as of now, we rarely go on a date without our toddler with us.
    But we’re planning to start dating again like before starting April this year. 🙂


  5. Money bouquet? Hahaha! When did that happen? I had fun last valentines day because my husband brought me to a restaurant I had been wanting to try, but with our toddler, of course, because there’s no one else to take care of him. Hopefull we can sneak out for a date when my parents come for vacay. 🙂 and that was one creative gift, btw!

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  6. I honestly love the idea of dating over and over again. I find it sweet. Plus, couples seldom have the time to talk at home. They reslly have to go somewhere without the kids. Just the two of them so they can talk about anything they want to talk about.

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  7. It’s true. Some relationships fall apart because couple becomes so comfortable with their relationship that they tend to just think of each other as people living together under one roof. You can still be practical naman even when dating. It’s also a good way to keep some fire alive.

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  8. My husband and I always make it a point to go on dates, regardless if its Valentine’s Day. Haha! It reminds us that we are husband and wife and not just mom and dad 🙂


  9. I’d love to keep dating my hubby! Unfortunately for us right now, it’s impossible to go out without the kids. We have a very young baby whom we can’t leave with anyone so dating outside, just the two of us, is not an option. We do try to spend alone time at home though late at night when the kids are asleep. We like to watch movies while having a midnight snack. It might be super simple but it’s okay. 🙂

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  10. My husband and I go on weekly date nights. It’s a thing we’ve done ever since the kids started invading our home. All the points you noted here are on point plus it also gives more than one reason to cherish each other in the midst of diapers and wet wipes 😉

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  11. Love those points you mentioned, and, yes, I totally agree about dating your spouse. Sometimes we all need a break from being the comfortable mums and dads at home and go out on dates. These gestures do keep the fire of love burning and made our partner feel most loved. We do no do Valentine’s so try to date when opportunities pop up and when we celebrate our anniversary.

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  12. I agree that the dating and courting should not end since any relationship should have continuous nurturing for it to blossom until you’re both old and gray. But, I love the explosion box idea. Stay in love forever you two. Thanks for sharing.


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