How Does God Speak to You?

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Do you know the song Love Moves in Mysterious Ways? I liked it when I was in high school. Love really is surprising. It knocks on the door of your heart unexpectedly. Because God is love, I believe that God also moves in mysterious ways. He knows how to comfort you when you need it the most and that’s what I want to share today.

I am the kind of person who believes in miracles and signs. Whenever I need a nudge to get me back on track during my crazy days, I presume it’s God who speaks to me through reading.

Last year, my husband and I had a fight. I forgot what caused the argument. I left for work feeling angry and upset. While on the train, I thought about visiting Teach With Joy by one of my favorite mommy bloggers, Joy Tan Chi-Mendoza. I did not do that to gain wisdom but to just randomly check if she has a new post. And there it was, in front of my very eyes, her latest post entitled TRUSTING GOD BY TRUSTING YOUR HUSBAND.

“But blessed are those who trust in the LORD and have made the LORD their hope and confidence.” Jeremiah‬ ‭17:7‬ 

I always tell those who ask me for advice to submit to their husbands, men need respect, but I was not able to walk the talk. Since my husband is the kind of spouse who’s not dominant and asks for my opinion on certain matters, I assume my plans are better than his and we argue when he disagrees.

How stupid of me. I did not give my husband the respect he deserved. I apologized to him that night and told myself that I’ll be more submissive and supportive of his plans. I trust him as the head of our family. That’s what God wanted to remind me.

Another instance of God sending me a message was when I got so tired of my daily routine I kept on ranting and thinking if my sacrifices are worth it. After working all night, I still need to feed my son, give him a bath then fetch my daughter in the afternoon. At work, I felt like I’m the only one who’s busy. The loser feeling started to creep in. So one Sunday night, I just stared at my mobile phone during lunch break and thought of entertaining myself by reading blogs. I checked (Jennica Garcia-Uytingco is a celebrity mom) and like a light, her post about acts of service shined.

Matthew 5:13 and 16 says we Christians are the salt of the earth. Therefore we should demonstrate our faith in Christ through acts of love and service.

This is the path I chose. I work for my family and do my job diligently because it is what expected of me. I live with only 4-5 hours of sleep but I do everything out of LOVE. It’s always important to keep my priorities straight in order for me to accomplish my tasks as a wife, mom, and leader.

A couple of weeks ago, I was not being dramatic nor over-thinking but I wanted to visit Rica Peralejo’s site ( as I haven’t visited hers for a while. She wrote a letter to her husband where she told their humble beginnings and hardships after getting married. She included a verse that goes something like, “no eyes has seen, no ears has heard what’s in store for those who love God.” On that same day, I read the bible before going to sleep and smiled when I stumbled upon this,

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9 

It’s the one on Rica’s entry! I guess it’s just His way of telling  me to keep my faith, do what’s right, and He’ll fulfill His promises.

We may feel that God isn’t listening or He does not know what’s going on with our lives. But trust me, He works in quirky ways.Let’s try to open our eyes and embrace what He wants us to see. Don’t forget to open the bible, God is waiting to have a conversation with us through that book.

How about you? How does God speak to you? I’d love to know. Feel free to share!


31 thoughts on “How Does God Speak to You?

  1. I also read Joy and Rica’s blogs from time to time.

    Yes, I would like to believe that God do speak to us as long as we keep an open heart to listen. I also experience this whenever I am feeling down or hopeless then something will just pop up on my IG or FB feed reminding me to keep the faith and that I am blessed more than I know. Waking up every morning, the sound of the birds singing outside my window is enough reminder that God is always around.

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  2. There were instances that I felt God communicated with me as well. Same experiences as yours. I thought it just happened to me.but after reading your post, it seems God really loves tocommunicate with us. We just need to have an open heart and mind.

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  3. I’m glad that you open sensible blogs of Christ-centered women. Yes, God primarily speaks to us through the Bible. The more we read and meditate on His Word, the more we get to know him. And the more we get to know him and his ways, the more we will recognize his voice in every situation we have. 🙂 Continue growing in maturity and in love for Christ. This is how we are — from glory to glory. 😉

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  4. With all the many hardships I’ve been through since childhood up until now that I have a family of I own, never did I question God even ones. I have lost loved ones, jobs, business, opportunities, properties, but I never lost my trust in Him even for a while, and maybe that’s what make me stronger each day…

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  5. He speaks to me through signs as well. Ever since I was small, whenever something is bothering me or whenever I am sad there will be somebody there present out of the blue for me, with the answer to my worries. He does move in mysterious ways to give us guidance especially when we need it the most.

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  6. I also believe that God works in mysterious ways, God really provides for everything as long as we trust Him.In my marriage we also encounter seven years itch but in God’s help we learned from our mistakes and we work on it and happy to say that we are not focus and happy in our relationship

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  7. God speaks to us although there are really times that we forget to listen. I guess all of us are guilty of not thinking clearly whenever we are at the height of our anger and that makes us think that God has forsaken us.

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  8. Such an overwhelming post. 🙂

    God indeed moves in mysterious ways. Funny I see that song for romance purposes only but then I realized, yeah, it can be for the Lord and His love. Keep the faith!

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  9. God does a great job of sending signs and revealing himself through others and always remember he sent you a husband for a reason, TRUST HIM ALWAYS….I’ve learned to do the same. God bless! If you could please check out my blog I’d appreciate it beautiful.

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