Dear P


My daughter told me her assignment was to write a letter to someone. I was surprised when she chose her father. The husband smiled when he read the letter. “I know you are working hard for me and my brother.” The little lady sure knows how to appreciate what Papa does for us. She made this all by herself that’s why I know it’s what she truly felt while doing this act of love.

Thank you for being Ate’s protector. You always look for her when she gets out of your sight even when she’s just playing outside. You don’t like her to wear dresses that will make her look like a grown up. You want her to look her age. You comb and tie her hair when you prep her for school. My heart melts whenever I see you do that. You always tell me you still want to fetch your daughter from school when she goes to college. She should not have a boyfriend until she graduates and gets a job. As a father, you only want what’s best for her. She’s your princess, the second girl who stole your heart away (I’m the first one haha) No wonder Ate is close to you. She can feel your love and affection in words and action.

The birth of our little champ made us extremely happy and if someone was more grateful, I knew it was you because finally, you got yourself a little buddy. He lays down between us in bed and he whines when I hug you. During meal time, he sits on your lap.He knows when you’re home from work. After exclaiming “Papa!”, it would be followed by rushing footsteps to greet you and hug your legs. You buy him toys that you used to have when you were a kid and I see on your face how delightful you are when you play with our little man.

For telling me everyday how much you love me, for your surprise kisses and touches, for the security and faithfulness, thank you. For celebrating your birthday with me for almost 12 years, thank you. You’re a man  of kindness. May the Lord bless your plans and give you wisdom to make better decisions in life. I pray for your safety, good health, and long life. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I love you, always have, always will.

The last sentence was a bit funny though. She thought her Papa will be leaving in 2020 to work overseas, thus she wrote, “I know you are leaving me in 2020 but I’m not giving up.” 😁😁😁 Where did you get that part from? 



22 thoughts on “Dear P”

  1. sorry to say this Meg but I think it’d break her heart even if she has 3 years to prepare for it. well, not only her but so much more for her dad…

    I hope time will come that dads and moms wont have to go away from their families so to avoid all these heartbreaks…

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  2. Ahh..that is soo cute! My mom always tells me stories of when I was younger and how I sounded so “wise for my age.” Funny enough, I think parents get really shocked when they see their little babies becoming so old and wise. My mom still calls me her baby when I’m in high school, haha! I love this daughter and mom duo! Please post and talk about your daughter more often! She’s the cutest! xo, Stephanie

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  3. Mmmhhh mukhang maganda magbasa dito sa blog mo TL πŸ˜… para ready nako sa future kapag magkasama na kami ng asawa ko sa iisang bahayβ™₯️

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    1. OMG! Hahaha! Push mo yan πŸ™‚ I’m happy na napaka responsable mong partnet at tatay. Bawal magabsent ha para lagin may pera haha! Thank you for reading my posts πŸ™‚


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