Things I Wish I Knew When I Became a Teenage Mom

It’s not a secret that I became a mom at a very young age. I was just 17 then. With God’s grace, my husband and I were able to surpass the difficulties and hardships of that phase in our lives. Our parents also helped us a lot and stood by our side, gave us guidance and the support we needed.

Did it ever cross your mind that if only time would allow, you could have done better as a parent? I think about it sometimes. I have “what if” moments. There are things I wish I prepared for and knew when I was pregnant and gave birth. Read along and find out if we share the same sentiments.

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1. Breastfeeding is not a walk in the park

This is not for formula milk moms to feel bad, I am an FM mom myself. I just want to express that I wish I had known the importance of breastfeeding back then. I had a lot of milk supply. While we were at the hospital, the nurse even asked me to donate some of my liquid gold. If you don’t know the wonders of breastmilk, better check Google now. Unfortunately, I did not pay much attention to this blessing and just let my supply ran out when my daughter did not want to latch anymore and preferred the bottle instead. Since I was going to school, during daytime, she fed on formula milk that’s why when I tried to feed her at night, she resisted. My lack of knowledge about stashing hindered my child from maximizing the benefits of breastmilk.

In my son’s case though, my milk supply was low, it was not enough to make him full that’s why he cried most of the time. We had to stop after a month of trying. A few months later, I learned about an online support group and organizations that promote breastfeeding. They have all the information you need and you can join forums to talk to other moms about bf journey.Had I known this earlier, I would have done things that can help me produce more milk for my baby.

If you’re struggling in increasing your milk supply, here are some tips:

  • Eat food that helps boost your breast milk production- try malunggay or moringa olfeira, oatmeal, scallops, shellfish, soups (there are a lot of recipes available online) Make sure to eat right because your baby absorbs nutrients from the food you take.
  • Increase fluid intake- aside from soups, drinking water more frequently keeps you hydrated and it helps in producing more milk. 
  • Take supplements- aside from food, supplements can be your aid in making sure your supply is enough. Visit your doctor first before taking any. 
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2. Your kids are sick and you may not know it

Lack of sleep and time for yourself are married to having a child. When my eldest was just a week old, I thought it’s perfectly normal for her to sleep longer hours. I did not bother to monitor how frequent she wanted milk.I was a bit relieved because I had extra time to rest. Little did I know that she was already sick. Call me stupid, I did not even feel she had a fever. Good thing my sister visited us and she told me to temp check my baby. She asked how many times I fed her and I replied twice or thrice the whole day. She commented it’s not normal. We were shocked when the thermometer showed 39 degrees. It’s dangerous for a week-old baby. We rushed her to the hospital and my whole world crushed when we were told she has to be confined due to pneumonia.

Parents, be attentive when it comes to monitoring your kids, especially newborns. You may want to read about common sickness of babies. If something’s not right, visit  your pediatrician.

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3. Take care of your baby’s teeth and make brushing fun

Yes, I brushed her teeth as soon as I saw them erupted but I was not consistent in doing so. Maybe it was the reason why she hated this activity and it always ended with cries and wails. I should have researched about ways to make brushing teeth fun and could have been more patient in making her like it. I should have seen a dentist to teach us how to properly take care of my daughter’s teeth so she wouldn’t have to suffer from toothache.

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4. Introduce fruits and veggies while they are little

When it’s time to feed her solid food, I started buying taho (soya with caramel) and I read about recommended food for babies. It was going well at first but since I became busy working and adjusting to the night life, as she grew up, I lost the chance to introduce fruits and veggies to her. It was difficult to give her vegetables and the only fruits she would eat were banana and apple. I wish I could bring back time and buy carrots, potatoes, beans,squash, and make it a point where we prepare veggie meals so our daughter could see that we also love eating healthy food, just like what we do with our son now.

Until now, it’s difficult to talk to her about eating veggies and fruits but we still encourage her to eat these, my husband and I tell her how nutritious they are.We still buy her banana and apple and we make sure that we serve vegetables on our table at least once a week. My hopes are still up that she is going to like them.

I did not share these experiences to be judged but for others to learn from my shortcomings before. The greatest lesson I have learned as I finish this is TIME is absolutely important in raising a child. Give more time to your kids to teach them good habits while they’re young. Spend time in making yourself equipped with knowledge that you need in taking care of your children. It’s never too late to become a better  parent. Start working on that now.

66 thoughts on “Things I Wish I Knew When I Became a Teenage Mom”

  1. I had my first child at 17 too over 30 years ago, I wouldn’t change a thing. Your blog is very inspiring to read for first time mums. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Wow! Great post! While I am far from being a mommy, I can see how much help this detailed post will be for new mom’s! From looking at the depth with which you wrote, it’s apparent how mature and how responsible and how loving you are as a mom. Despite having to become a mom earlier than most, as you said, with God’s grace and with the help of your parents, you are such an amazing mom! Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mom! TGIF! xo, Steph

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  3. I was 19 and if I could do it again, I’d take a breast feeding class instead of thinking breastfeeding would come naturally. I did take a class before my second child and was successful nursing her and my third and fourth. Formula feeding my first did have some advantages, though. For one thing, it helped me to not judge other moms for their choices, especially after I had been judged by others for not sticking with breastfeeding, even after my milk was slow to come in and getting mastitis right off the bat.

    I agree with Stephanie. You’re an amazing mama. 💛

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  4. I breasted both my sons and, when my second granddaughter was born, my son and his wife thought I’d be upset if she didn’t breastfeed. I’m so glad I was staying with them because, after struggling with the baby, who would not latch, I suggested bottle feeding her. And the same son now has a little boy who had to be bottle fed as well. Thank goodness for breast pumps!

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  5. Wonderful post especially for new mums. I still remember how difficult the early days were. Breastfeeding was such a struggle but I peservered with both of my kids and am so glad I did. Motherhood is a challenge and the hardest job no doubt. It’s also the most rewarding. Shame it doesn’t come with a manual! 🙂

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  6. Hello sis! It’s nice reading your post. Ang hirap rin kasi talaga pag first-time mom. Everything’s a trial and error – it’s like you’re experimenting! But I feel lucky somehow na I got pregnant when social media’s already a hype and support groups are available. I have a mommy group in FB where I would consult them with almost everything mommy related topics (we even talk about toddler behaviors now kasi of the same ages ang mga anak namin). Pero kahit na ganun, marami pa ring mga nangyayari na hindi inaasahan. I remember when I accidentally snipped my son’s skin with a nailcutter while I was trimming his nails. Grabe, nag-rush kami sa ER tapos betadine and gauze lang pala ang kailangan. Hahaha!


  7. I was almost 26 years old when I gave birth to my eldest child, but there are still so many things that I wish I knew or did when it comes to raising my daughters. There’s always something to learn along the way 😉 And tama ka, it’s never too late to become a better parent.

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  8. Being a first time mom is really hard, I mean I was clueless on what to do talaga. Good thing I was able to find groups on facebook about breastfeeding and my relative who always tell me to do so, at first I didn’t really wanted to breastfeed but when I found out it’s benefits, I was sold. And my husband’s eldest sister always guides me. Truth be told, she was the one who calms my daughter whenever she would wake up in the middle of the night, we stayed in their house the moment I got out of the hospital kasi haha!

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  9. I agree with everything you said! Bongga! Atleast diba kahit na teenage mom e nandyan pa rin ang partner mo! Kudos sa asawa mo and sayo! Good luck on your future endevours! Yehey!

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  10. Me too. I am also a teenage mom.For my first born I didn’t pay much attention with breastfeeding aside from the fact that I got little supply of milk then. But for my youngest, I really wanted to breastfeed him till he’s one or two but it seems that he just don’t have enough milk and I kind of went into depression and all those days so I mixed it bf and fm until he don’t like to be bf. 😦
    Thanks for sharing mommy.

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  11. There were things that I wish I’d known about breastfeeding, too, when my son was born. He was confined twice during his first month and his pedia told me to stop breastfeeding and switch to formula instead. That totally crushed me. It was a couple of years later when I truly understood what I should have done. My son had sort of low muscle tone which made it a bit harder for him to suck, hence not getting enough milk, even when I had very good supply. The pedia didn’t even suggest pumping and bottle feeding which is something that I should have done. At least I learned something from that experience. 🙂

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  12. Can I add?

    How to take a bath in 1 minute or less.
    With my eldest, I didn’t have this problem. I’ll leave him in his crib, facing me in the bathroom and he simply waves at me. But with my daughter, it is like a nightmare! She would scream at the top of her lungs while I shower. 🙂

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  13. I think having an internet nowadays is an advantage for new mommies. They can search for tips online agad, unlike before that we depend from the experiences of the people around us.

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  14. These are also the same concern I had years ago. Now that we have a baby already, I have learned I should have introduced my boys to fruits early on. Our youngest now eats a lot of fruits and he could be the cutest. My older boys are pihikan. This is a nice read. Really coming from the learnings of one mom.

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  15. Very heartfelt and relatable post, especially on the breastfeeding, veggies and brushing teeth! I was already in my 30’s when I had my first child, but I was so clueless about breastfeeding!! I also wrote a series of blog posts on breastfeeding and my breastfeeding finds last August to help first-time moms, so I know where you’re coming from on wanting to help with awareness. Kudos to you Mommy for sharing!

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  16. I can relate on your post mommy Meg ,being a first time mom is really hard talaga napagdaan ko din kasi yan,halos same lang tayo ng age 17 years old when i gave birth to my eldest child,pero now mas madami na akong natutunan nung nagkaroon ako ng 2nd baby.

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  17. Motherhood and parenting, in itself, are challenging enough. I can only imagine how difficult it is for a teenager such as yourself to be a parent when you are not even a full-grown adult yet. Yes, sometimes we are plagued with guilt and the “what ifs” as well as with bitter thoughts of how unprepared we are and that we will never be enough for our children. I sure have loads of those episodes. But, I guess, the beauty of parenting is that we grow as parents as our children grow and I would like to believe that whatever situations we might have, we all did the best parenting we could.

    So, kudos for being the strong and loving parent that you are!

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