Smart Parenting Workshop’s Raising Toddlers


On March 18, 2017, Saturday, I attended a workshop by Smart Parenting entitled Raising Toddlers held at Makati Diamond Residences. It was their first workshop this year and I was giddy with excitement when I received an email confirming my slot to the said event. I am a reader of Smart Parenting page on Facebook and always find their tips helpful that’s why I could not wait for the day of the workshop. My husband was supposed to come with me but he needed to take care of something. It was fine since he looked after the kids and told me to enjoy the workshop which I absolutely did!


Moms, dads, and experts gathered all together to share an afternoon full of knowledge, fun, and new perspective about parenting and our kids.The event started with a greeting from Lea San Jose, Editor-in-Chief of Smart Parenting. She mentioned that we need to find a parenting style that fits us and be consistent with it.

The first talk, Taming Tantrums was from Michelle Tambunting, Directress and Co-Founder of Young Creative Minds Preschool. She reminded us that toddlers are non-verbal and do not know how to self-regulate. And it is true. Sometimes we forget that they’re tiny humans and not capable yet of expressing how they feel, that is why we must understand that tantrums is beyond their control. Life is too fast for toddlers as 700 neural connections per second form in the first 3 years of life. When your toddler starts to throw tantrums, here’s what you need to remember:

– restate his/her feelings

– the way you say it is more important than what you say

– redirect attention


Developing a connection with your child is the best way to discipline them. The more you shout, the more they don’t hear you and when there’s resentment, you lose connection. A child’s behavior is an expression of their needs, therefore, we need to find out what’s causing the behavior in order for us to address it. Attack the root cause, not the behavior itself.


Model and mom of two boys, Nicole Hernandez,  led the second talk about babying baby’s skin. Baby’s skin is 20-30℅ thinner than adult’s. It is permeable, which means it easily absorbs whatever we put on it. To keep our baby’s skin moisturized and free from harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients, we should use 100℅ natural products, just like Belo Baby. Its line of baby products are guaranteed safe because it is dermatologist-tested.

Fever is common for kids and despite the belief that it is a “sickness”, it is actually a symptom of something else. Dra. Carmina delos Reyes, a pediatrician, explained how fever can be managed. Common causes of fever are infection, allergy, and heat from the sun. Always have a digital thermometer ready at home and Paracetamol like Calpol. If your child’s temperature reaches 38-39 degrees, it is mild fever and you have to visit your pediatrician immediately.

Arceli Tan of Insular Life shared how we can teach our kids to be smart when it comes to handling money.

Money is not everything but everything has to do with money. 

Introduce your kids to money, teach them how to count it, get them to start saving and always remind the value of giving back. Tan also shared that at an early age, children should learn how hard it is to earn money in order for them to appreciate every peso. Preparing for our children’s education should be a priority and the sooner that we start, the better. Open a savings account for your little ones and read about investing. Find a  financial advisor and talk about getting ready for the future. Note to self: buy a new piggy bank for my kiddos.


The last topic was about Raising Kids in a Digital World which was once again covered by Tambunting. Technology is inevitable. While it brings progress,  let us not forget that it has negative effects  as well.

Too much of something is not good.

Do you believe that as our virtual world grows, our physical world shrinks? It is because we spend less time with each other. Parents model so much for children unconsciously.

CONNECT AND BUILD RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CHILDREN. Limits are good. Have a gadget-free time and no-tech day at home. Let the screen be your last defense. Give them books, crayons, pens, and papers when you’re waiting or travelling. Take them outdoors and purposely slow down their lives. Kids nowadays believe that everything they want is available in a swipe or in one click. Teach them how to make a difference using technology, especially social media. They can use it for a good cause.


The event got even more exciting with lootbags, raffles, prizes, visit to sponsors’ booths and an appetizing merienda. Too bad I was already eating when I realized I wanted to take a picture of my food 🙂

It was indeed a day of new learning for all parents. A huge thanks to Smart Parenting and the sponsors for making it happen.

About Smart Parenting

The brand Smart Parenting has been the trusted parenting authority for Filipino parents of kids ages 0 to 8 years old for more than a decade now. It aims to help Filipino moms and dads like you be the best parents you can be, and raise smart and loving children. is a comprehensive yet easy-to-read source of information on the major aspects of raising a child: health, nutrition, child development, values formation, and education. It is your go-to site for vital information you need in caring for and raising your young child, wherever you are in the world, 24/7.

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25 thoughts on “Smart Parenting Workshop’s Raising Toddlers”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I needed that reminder about toddler tantrums. Baby Girl is very verbal now, but still has tantrums like crazy, I guess things just get so overwhelming for her at times.

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    1. I needed that reminder of toddler tantrums too after yelling at my 2 year old this morning as he melted down before nap time. he hates being yelled at and is most definitely the most sensitive of my 3 kiddos but sometimes its hard not to get frustrated and yell.

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  3. It’s been a long time since I had little ones. I wish I’d had a chance to experience such a workshop. Oh, the tantrums. I once closed myself into the bathroom while my toddler raged on the other side of the door. I didn’t want to scream back. The only solution I could do was separate for a few minutes. I was then able to calmly return and deal with the poor child.

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  4. Thank you for sharing all of the information you learned. I just realized earlier today that constant overload of technology is making me feel less connected to my kids. My toddler is limited to 1 hour a day, but I am not. Between temptation to check my phone or read my kindle I am missing important moments. I need to have a self technology black out every day, I think!

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  5. Thank you, as the I’m of a toddler I always have to remind myself of my reaction to him and what I’m teaching him by how I act. Tantrums are a sign of their age, and I get the best results when I’m not yelling at him to stop

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