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How to Give Your Kids a Memorable Summer Experience


Top Pinay Mommy Blogger, Pehpot Pineda (aka Mommy Pehpot) is guest posting on Nocturnal Mom Talks! Summer has kicked in and she has a list of summer activities that your kids can absolutely enjoy.

Summer is for memories.

Have you ever wondered why kids easily get bored nowadays? Perhaps the technology has a huge part of it because everything comes in an instant like food, answers, requested song, a movie, friends, etc. Just name it, and in a blink of an eye, you can have it. Maybe this is one explanation why today’s kids are losing their patience easily.

Back in the old days, kids are full of energies, creativity, and are sociable. Summer is one of the most cherished seasons of an individual’s childhood. It is the time where you can get along with seasonal friends, have a vacation with your cousins, and a full month of stay at your grandparents. And if you are planning to bring your kids to your province, you might wanna check out Mommy Blogger Pehpot’s 10 Practical Travel Tips.

Not only these summer activities make it more exciting but also workshops, classes, and summer jobs. One of the most favorite summer activities in the old days is swimming class, and everyone is going crazy on learning about this talent.


Today, there are so many activities that the kids can engage into and there are so many new summer activities that may sound unfamiliar to parents. Kids can now go to a yoga class, which you and your child will surely have a once in a lifetime bonding moment. Isn’t exciting to meditate with your daughter?


Did you hear about Parkour? Kids are going enthusiast about that activity where they can show their Ninja moves. Boys will surely love to learn a new move! Another one is Kendo which originates from Japan. Of course, the traditional sports summer workshop are still available like Taekwondo, Basketball, Volleyball, Chess, Tennis, etc.

For kids who are not sporty, there are still great workshops around. Your children can go to baking or cooking class; you can easily sense if your child is into the art of food. If your kid is enthusiasts in dancing, singing, acting, or arts, then you can help enhance his talent by enrolling to an excellent summer workshop.


Mommy blogger Pehpot has an ultimate list, around 25 summer workshops in which you can choose where you can enroll your kid. Fortunately, her list is very helpful to every moms who is looking for the perfect summer activity. The kids will surely enjoy every activity but remember not to overwhelm their summer.


Surely, they will have lots of wonderful memories from summer and the opportunity to improve or discover a talent. Back in our childhood days, how many of us are looking forward to summer days. The unending races with cousins, the hide and seek games during the sunset, the horror stories your uncle told you about, and lot more fun summer memories.


Summer is also a great season to let your kids pause for a while with their gadgets. Let them play outside and let the sun kiss their skin. A little sweat will teach them a lot of great life lessons and memories that can last a lifetime. Summer isn’t boring at all, in fact, it is one of the most refreshing time of the year!

Visit Mommy Pehpot’s site for inspiring and entertaining posts. She talks about motherhood, food, and her day-to-day adventures as a super mommy! 

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  1. Aww this is so sweet that you’re already thinking of your kids’ summers! Such an amazing mom – already thinking ahead. I don’t know if my mom thought about my summer that thoughtfully when I was your kids’ age haha. Have a great week! xoxo, Steph

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