Parenting Tips You can get From Working Moms (Phases of a Mother’s Love Blog Series)

Being a mom is one of the sexiest jobs in the world.”

Motherhood changes a woman physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When you start taking this road, you do things you never thought possible. You strive to become a better version of yourself . Behind the words strong, loving, and beautiful are hardships, blood, sweat, and experiences that make a mother braver and wiser.  It is true when they say that you can learn so much from the woman who carried you inside her tummy for 9 months and what’s best is,  mothers can rely on each other to learn and grow as a parent.

I have asked for helpful parenting tips from working mommies like me as a treat for all moms (dads can absolutely apply these tips as well) this Mother’s Day. The mommies featured here play different roles at work, but one thing they have in common is being fulfilled by simple joys that motherhood bring to their lives.


CSR, part-time work-at-home professional, mom blogger of

“Motherhood… It’ll make or break us depending on how we’ll embrace it. I started young in this game and though inconsistency was born with me, I don’t want to be “just” a mom. Behind the feeding bottles, soiled clothes, dirty dishes and messy house, we have that “other” side of us that has slept after a baby was born. It is our choice whether we’ll keep her sleeping or if we’ll wake her up and give her new life. Those dreams we once had, that big picture we wanted to be part of — can be us if we’ll work our way there. We are not just cleaning our houses, guiding and teaching our kids, working to sustain our family’s needs but we are women born to inspire each other. Hats off, Career woMoms!”


online shopkeeper at Mhadz Pick n Mix, part-time sales agent

“In my single years, I spent my hard-earned money to buy whatever I want. When I decided to have my own family, I realized that I can’t have things go my way anymore. It must be FIRST THINGS FIRST- prioritize the needs before the wants. This realization hit me hard when I could not go back to work because I gained weight. We were challenged financially. That’s when someone offered to be my retail supplier to start an online business. I use my Facebook account to sell different stuff like cosmetics, shoes, clothes, and the likes. A mother can still earn for her family despite staying at home.  In everything I do, I put God first. Now aside from my online shop, I also work as a part-time sales agent of a Telecom company. All these while I fulfill my duties as a wife and mother. Have faith and use your skills to earn for your family’s future. And oh, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Stay beautiful, even if there’s a lot on your plate.


Medical Representative

“Simula nung naging mommy ako, sobrang dalang ko na maisip ko ung pang sarili ko, more about our family na. Siguro kung para sa sarili, good health sana para humaba pa ang buhay ko at lagi kong magabayan ang mga anak ko hanggang pagtanda. Gusto ko makasama nila ako sa failures and successes nila, yung matouch ko pa rin ung buhay nila, na madadala nila ung mga values na inimpart ko sa kanila kahit may mga sarili na silang pamilya.”


OFW in Taiwan

“Having a “long distance parenting relationship” with your child is never easy. I am a single mother. I decided to work overseas for my child to be able survive and to sustain his daily needs. I often struggle on how to raise him the way I want it to be even without my presence. I know that I still play a big role in influencing my son, that’s why I put effort and plan daily to make sure that I build a connection with him.”

Below are Mommy Let’s tips for parents who work abroad:

1. KEEP IN TOUCH DAILY.  Make sure to call and talk to your child regularly. Get involved with their activities and make them feel that they are always loved by you in your own unique and special ways. Technology is your friend in making this happen. 

2. ASK RELATIVES FOR HELP to look after your kids while you are overseas. Your trusted family members will fulfill your responsibility as a parent to your child. 

3. KEEP PROMISES AND ALWAYS SAY “I LOVE YOU”. Explain why you are not with them in the simplest way that they can understand. Never forget to remind them that you care and they can still count on you. Saying I love you has a great impact in making them feel loved and secure.


full-time CSR, certified raketera, mom blogger of

Maximize your rest days. Prepare meal for week ahead. It saves time while still ensuring healthy meals for the kids.”


Senior Tax Analyst, mom blogger of

“You do not have to do everything by yourself, if help is being offered, take it. It is not a sign of weakness,it’s called being smart. When you do accept help, trust the help and not control every minute detail. You are a super mom!”


CSR and aspiring voice coach

“Be patient sa kakulitan ng ating kids, minsan lng sila magiging bata, napaka bilis lang ng panahon, darating ang araw na hihilingin mo na sana bata na lng siya ulit. Enjoyin mo ang pagkakataon na nahahalikan mo siya at nayayakap ng mahigpit. Continue to train your children in the way they should go because surely, time will come you will see the fruit of your labor. The Lord is faithful to fulfill his promises.”

Mommy Ish’s bible verse:

“Point your kids in the right direction – when they’re old they won’t be lost.” Proverbs 22:6

Nocturnal Mom would love to share parenting tips as well 🙂


“There’s no such thing as too busy. Your family is always the priority. Plan ahead and make sure that you bond with your loved ones. You need not to do a grand activity all the time.  As simple as cuddling while watching TV or eating together as a family is enough to let them know that they will always be MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR WORK. “

 Happy Mother’s Day in advance to all moms worldwide! We are loved, blessed, and, appreciated. We truly are the light of our family’s world.


This blog entry is part of Mother’s Day series post of Pinay Mommy Bloggers, a community of Filipino blogging moms on Facebook. Read different phases of motherhood from my co-mom bloggers by clicking the links below:

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27 thoughts on “Parenting Tips You can get From Working Moms (Phases of a Mother’s Love Blog Series)”

  1. Great article and so relatable. I love how being a mother gives you a sense of compassion that you didn’t possess before motherhood and suddenly (in terms of compassion, kindness and love) every child becomes your child. 😘

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  2. I love the part about that other part of you that goes to sleep when you have a child, with 3 kiddos I struggle to find that other part of me again. and for the Moms who work abroad wow, you are stronger than I. Hats off to all of the working moms balancing work and family. i have just recently gone back to work part time so i can help our family financially, it was a tough decision!

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      1. Same with me since I don’t want to miss spending time with my daughter and want to cherish every moment with her. It feels so satisfied when you’re able to fulfil your dreams without compromising baby’s care.

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