No Holds Barred: What I do not Like About My Husband


Last  year, I joined an online contest  to celebrate Father’s Day. I talked about my husband, our beginnings, and how blessed I am to be his better half. In a few days, we will honor our fathers and husbands on their special day and this time, I want to do it the other way. Instead of narrating everything that I love about the father of my kids, I will share the things that I don’t like about him. How about this idea as a Father’s Day gift? Read along and find out his secrets.

My husband is an understanding man

I have my mood swings and tantrums. Imagine me being grumpy for no reason. Blame it on the hormones. When I am upset and stressed out, I speak what’s on my mind without realizing that it’s going to hurt my husband’s pride. There are times when this act of mine becomes the reason of an argument, but my loving man is always the first to say sorry and fix the situation. Guilt starts to creep in as I type this. Sometimes it frightens me to think that one day, his patience would run out and he would stop putting up with me. Oh my, I don’t even want to entertain that thought.


My husband is supportive

When I decided to create a mom blog, he gave his full support. During my sideline days, he was there to help me buy what I need. I cook and bake from time to time and he is my number one fan. I know I am not good at it but he always assures me that in a scale of 1-10, my cooking is rate is 11! Haha! Now I am into making bows and yes, he’s there inside the ribbon shop appreciating cute stuff. He encourages our daughter to become a volleyball player and pursue her dream of becoming a teacher.

He is hardworking

Give him a task and he will commit his 200% best to accomplish it on time. I remember when his fever was high and yet, he put on his uniform to report for work. I had to become furious for him to take some rest and inform his boss that he would be absent. When he changed his career path in 2015, he immediately earned the trust of his superiors for they noticed how diligent and honest he was. These good traits led him to a better opportunity a year later.

My husband is expressive of his love

Daily dose of “I love you” in words and texts, surprise kisses, and tight hugs, these acts bring out the highschool girl in me. The baby boy showers him with kisses for he does the same to him. Whenever he brings Ate to school, there’s always a kiss on my daughter’s cheek or forehead. He may not do the same hug-kiss scene to his Mama (my mother-in-law) but as simple as asking her to come with us when we go out and bringing her to the hospital when she’s not feeling well shows how much he loves her.


I got you in the title, didn’t I? Everything I said about my lifetime buddy are what I love about him. I have a great man beside me and will always thank the heavens for that. He is not perfect, he has flaws, and in reality, there really are things that he needs to improve on. Who does not? For me and our kids, he will always be a super dad, with a super dad bod *wink*

Happy Father’s Day in advance, Papa! You know how much we love you. Continue your dream of becoming a Straw Hat Pirate. I will always be here to cheer you on.


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