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Hi, Bye, July

When a new month starts, I am sure that a handful of your Facebook friends will post “(month) please be good to me.” Overall, I can say that July was not only good but great! It is my first time to blog about random happenings before I officially say hello to August and I am excited to share my stories! I think I will do this monthly from now on.



The nature of our job is as hard as it is, that’s why we find ways to make it fun. We had a Back to School Theme Day competition on the first week of the month and guess what? My team bagged 2nd place!We had the simplest costume but we nailed it! Woohoo! What made this award more special is, because we would like to be practical, my agents decided not to buy costumes and just use whatever we could find in our closet. You may suggest this kind of activity to your boss to take a break from daily routine and promote teamwork.


The whole leadership team of our company held its annual Leaders Appreciation Day on July 15-16. This time, we visited Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas. It is a resort with Aqua Park, a first for me. The ceremony kicked off with a sumptuous lunch followed by an awarding ceremony to recognize top performers. Aside from the cheering competition, all participants were given a chance to get to know our colleagues from other programs by Leader’s War and Design Your Bag of Hope contest. For a day, we tried to forget stress and made the most out of our free time.

on the way to Balai Isabel  © Aiza
OCX Management Team


welcome! ©Aiza
Instagram leaders © Aiza
two leaders I look up to ©Aiza
Batangas Lomi! ©Aiza
Balai Isabel Aqua Park ©Aiza

Hats off to all leaders who do the right thing! I am aware that there are some who still think that working in a call center is easy as pie. That we just sit there to take calls like robots. You got it all wrong. The smartest people I know work in the BPO industry. I admire their maturity, decision-making, being down-to-earth, and ability to drive the whole team to success.

can you spot me?


Another highlight of the month was meeting Jonathan Yabut on our Cluster Leadership Summit held in our office. Man, he was inspiring! Everyone felt recharged and energized after his talk. He changed the way I view my job. There’s more to it than helping us pay our bills. I will share more details about his talk on a separate post.


Did I mention that I love Detective Conan? Thanks to my loving husband for supporting my guilty pleasure. We had a movie date and watched The Crimson Love Letter movie. What’s surprising is, I was not surprised. Last year’s movie (The Darkest Nightmare) is better. Less talk, more action scenes.


One of my weaknesses is seeing my kids sick. Before his birthday, my son got injured while playing with his grandpa. He could not move his left arm and kept crying all day. My husband rushed him to the hospital. Poor boy! The initial finding on his arm xray was good as there was no broken bone or dislocated joint, but we were still advised to see an orthopedist the next day to be sure. Thank God, we found one which happens to be a hand surgeon as well. The doctor said everything’s fine and it might be a spasm. After a few hours, the little man was able to move his arm without feeling any pain! We were glad that he would be okay before his birthday. Thank you, doc!


Karla of Little Conquest featured Nocturnal Mom on her blog. For entertaining mommy stories and informative posts, head over to her site. Thank you for giving bloggers a chance to be known by more people. More power and keep inspiring others, Karla!



The Lord has blessed my family with such a sweet and smart baby boy. Z, when you are old enough to understand this, Mama wants you to know that I love you so much. You being added to our small family has brought so much joy and our home is filled with laughter because of you. I wish you good health and safety. Oh, I have to stop now because my eyes are being clouded with tears. We love you, bebe!

July will end in two days but every good memory will be kept in my heart. August has a lot in store for me and I am aware of the changes that are bound to happen. Bring it on, August! I am ready for you!



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