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4 Reasons why it’s Hard to Save Money


Saving money is a topic that makes some people scratch their head and think. Did you ever come to a point where you ask yourself why saving money is a challenge? Here, I listed down a couple of reasons why the struggle is real, based on what I observed and our own experiences. I also included some tips on saving. Hope you find them helpful.


The minimum wage in the Philippines is around 491php a day. It’s like 5000php-6000php every two weeks. If you are single, maybe you can stretch your budget to save money from this amount, but for someone who has a family, 12000 monthly income is not enough to make ends meet. Some would say, “It’s how you spend your money.No matter how small the income is, you can still save.” In my opinion, it really depends on the situation. My father was a jeepney driver. He earned 250php-400php a day back then (the vehicle was not our property) and he had to feed his family of 5, send me and my siblings to school, pay house rent and bills. The old man was the only one working and I completely understand why my mother could not save a peso. She did not want us to be hungry. She would rather buy food than save.

There are others who would really love to be consistent in saving money but could not do so because their paycheck covers all that they NEED to buy and pay. Saving even a small amount will ruin their budget. I personally know some of them.

Tip: Find another source of income. If you are a stay-at-home mom, you can help your husband earn extra. Try starting an online business, search for the latest items and use Facebook and Instagram to promote your products. Be a reseller if you don’t have the capital yet. Love cooking or baking? Bake bread, pastries and cook meals then sell it to your neighbors and friends.

graham balls, a snack I used to sell at work

Feeling crafty? Make personalized items perfect as gifts on occassions. You can turn your hobby into business!

handmade paper flowers for event styling by my friend, Aiko

Singles can also try these tips. So get up and stop wasting your time. Earn extra so you can start saving money. Read Momma Raketera for raket ideas.


In our culture, we believe in “You can’t bring money to the grave” and “It’s just money, you can still earn it.” I often hear this when someone’s about to buy something expensive or there’s nothing left in the wallet. It’s like a consolation to themselves. I know because my husband and I used to fool ourselves with those sayings. If we did not experience a financial crisis in 2014, we would still be fans of the two statements.

What if (knock on wood) you die today, you are a breadwinner, you have little kids and your partner does not have a job, where would they start? Where would they get money for your funeral? Ask help from relatives? Borrow money with high interest? Okay, this sounds too heavy but it is the reality. When you die, you still have loved ones who will remain on earth.

Tip: Change your mindset. Do not overspend and think of your and your family’s future. If your salary is more than enough for your needs, start building an emergency fund and then open a savings account. For money saving tips, read this article.


Would you believe that social media plays a big role in one’s finances? Have you ever bought a product that you do not really need but because a lot of people were posting about it, you joined the bandwagon? Did you visit a new cafe or restaurant because it’s trending on Facebook and you’re curious to know why? If you can afford it without making your pocket cry, then go ahead! Do not deprive yourself. It’s your own money anyway. But if doing so will make you skip saving for months, think again. Maybe you are not doing yourself a favor. Ask yourself if you really want the experience or you do it just to brag that you’re “in”. To impress people who do not even matter.

iphone or savings?

Tip: Log out your Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you easily get tempted with what you see, keeping it out of your sight is the best thing to do. Do you really need a new phone or you “need” it because Apple is about to release a new iPhone? Practice delayed gratification. It is hard to do, but worth it. Rewarding ourselves is IMPORTANT. It makes us happier and inspired.


I started working 8 years ago but got serious about saving money back in 2015 when I read that preparing for my retirement is a must. I do not want to bother my children when I become sickly and old. My plan is to stop working at a certain age and enjoy the remaining years of my life with my family and friends. Had I known the value of money a long time ago, I would have checked for health insurance plans and invested my money in stocks or UITF at an early age.

from Pixabay

Tip: Good news, you may start preparing for your own retirement NOW. If you want to be financially free, read and learn about investments and business NOW. There are a lot of online groups that teach people about money. They also offer affordable financial seminars. Read books about making your money grow and how to budget. One thing that I have observed when I visit financial groups online is, a lot of millenials are now becoming more interested in saving and investing. It’s a good sign. I hope more people, especially Filipinos, will become financial literate for a brighter future.

Money is not everything but everything has to do with it. Don’t get me wrong, it does not mean that you will think about money all days of your life but be wise. Work. Save. Spend. Share your blessings. It is not too late to change the way you handle your finances. The best time to start is now.

If you have other thoughts about this topic, feel free to share them by commenting on this post. I’d love to hear from you.



38 thoughts on “4 Reasons why it’s Hard to Save Money”

  1. Meg, I have some added tips based on my own personal experience. If the concept of coupons is already available in the Philippines aside from discounts, take it but only if you really use the product or service . Each day if possible, save at least some change even just 5 centavo or 1 peso in a container(parang alkansiya). It’ll all add up and once you have a significant amount, you can bring it to the bank to either deposit it all or change into bills for spending. Regarding clothes, I alter or mend them if needed to prolong wear life. I was lucky to learn dressmaking from my Home Economics class during high school. The guys learned Work Education during that time too. These are fall-back skills to learn so as to earn a living in case we don’t go to college. Altering clothes is a good skill to learn especially when you buy RTW clothing that may not fit you totally. Here in Canada, just altering 1 sleeve will cost you already $10!!!!! People who criticize you for being too thrifty aren’t real friends. It also means that you can’t even ask them for a loan in the future either. Just beware if they do ask you for one in the future . If you give it to them, just kiss your money goodbye,sa totoo lang.

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    1. Thanks, Josie! Yang coin bank sa picture, nilalagyan ko ng 5 and 10 peso coins. Ang mahal pala magpa adjust ng sleeve dyan! Buti marunong ka ng dressmaking. Laging average lang ang grade ko sa Home Economics nung elementary hehe. Speaking of utang, yes, naexperience ko na hindi magbayad ang friends na pinautang ko. Hinayaan ko na lang kesa mastress ako kakasingil.

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      1. Meg,don’t sell yourself short. Whatever you learned in Home Economics,you’re already applying your skills in your family life. If your husband has the time to do some handyman work based on what he learned in Work Education, it’ll help also bring in some extra income. It’s too time consuming and expensive for me to make my own clothes even if I have a sewing machine. You have to buy the fabric,etc. Its much cheaper for me here to buy the clothing piece(whether at a dept store ,second hand or thrift store) and just do minor altering as needed. Getting professional alterations done is only worth it if the clothing piece is something that you keep for years to come. In some cases, you wear it hanggang sa ataul–hehe.

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      2. Your hubby’s sideline could help expose him to more networking ideas for more income opportunities. You never know. He gets to meet people right at the door before entering the building. Sa ngayon,parang sekyu siya ,making sure everything’s under control. Even Pope Francis used to work as a bouncer in a club. This type of work experience probably made him more open-minded about what’s going on around the world and especially in his papal work,

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      3. The Holy Father mentioned it in one of his interviews to the press. Type in Pope Francis on the SEARCH box and go to the wikipedia-org link. it said initially that he used to work as a chemical technologist and as a nightclub bouncer. Nagka-girlfriend pa nga siya dati at nang hindi tinanggap ang proposal niya, tinuloy niya ang plano na mag-pari. Well., the rest is history.

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      1. Jhy,You don’t need her as a friend. Mukhang makwarta iyan. Isip niya na hindi siya makahingi sa iyo.Ang tingin sa iyo ay parang Central Bank.You have a right to invest and keep your money because you’ll need it. Mahirap ang buhay ngayon. Kahit maglimos ka sa kalsada,mahirap rin. What counts is the quality of your friends’ characters and not the quantity(number) of friends that you have.

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      2. Haha natawa ako ng slight! Salamat sa mga sinabi mo, it warmed my heart. Blessing in disguise na rin yun pag defriend nya sa akin kasi dahil dun naisipan ko magblog kesa sa FB magpost ng kung ano ano hehe

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      3. Walang ano man. Nothing wrong in postin at Fb but of course, you run the risk of being too exposed. Ingat lang. Blogging is ok but even in blogging, ingat rin sa mga undesirables as well. Malalaman mo rin iyon sa kutob mo.

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  2. What truly helps me save money is the concept of minimalism. Tinuturo kasi ng minimalism na dapat you only have/spend for things that add value to your life. Kaya bago ako bumili ng bagay tinatanong ko sarili ko para saan ba to, etc. Kaya di na ako bumibili ng mga bagay na hindi ko naman need like damit, sapatos kasi madami pa ako nun. Parang dahil dun nagising ako sa katotohanan na dapat gastusin mo lang pera mo sa magaadd ng value sa buhay mo like experiences pero kapag gamit lang talaga…pass na yun dapat unless need na siya. Masyado na kasing consumeristic yung mundo ngayon. 😦

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  3. I agree with Ate Kat! Every time may gusto akong bilihin, tatanungin ko muna ng napakadaming beses ‘yung sarili ko kung kailangan ko ba talaga ‘to ngayon, as in ngayon? O kaya kailangan ko ba ‘to? Mamaya sa umpisa lang tas wala na, nakatambak nalang. Pati friends ko, natuto na sa’kin. ‘Di na sila masyado nag-iimpulse buy. Hahaha

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  4. I love your point about if you died today that your savings impact others-I hadn’t thought much about that before but its a really important point! If you or anyone else is interested I wrote blog post on how to save money through stopping impulse shopping which leads to huge savings! (Which can be applied to your point! –

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  5. FOMO gets me like every time. Like you said, it really is hard to save when we are constantly told that you can’t bring money with you if you die, which I think feeds into FOMO. Delayed gratification is the way to go! I should know, the partner and I really want to go to Japan in April but had no money, so now we are finally going next month after saving for… almost a whole year!

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  6. Wonderful post that really captures the struggles of so many people throughout the world. We all want to be happy and do fun things, but we also constantly hear about what we “should be” doing with this money. My blog is all about how to start saving, and what to do with money once you figure out your strategy on how to start saving it. Feel free to check it out!

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