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Shake It! A Number Recognition Game

Don’t throw away that empty egg carton! You can use it to make a really fun basic number game that will reinforce your child’s number recognition skills. Sometimes it can be hard for kids to keep numerals and the amount they represent straight. Help your kid get a handle on numbers with this easy-to-assemble math activity.

shake it-1-01.jpeg

What You Need: 

-Empty egg container (one that held a dozen eggs)
-Small object good for shaking
-Cute stickers to decorate the egg carton (optional)

What You Do:

1. Write the numerals 1–12 randomly in each section of the egg carton.

2. If you think decorating the egg carton might increase your child’s attention span, find some stickers to decorate the egg carton to make it more colorful and fun.

3. Put a small object (we used a button) inside the egg carton that will make a little noise when the lid of the carton is closed and shaken up.

4. Have your child close the lid of the carton and shake, shake, shake it!

5. Then have her open the lid of the egg carton and see where the object has landed.

6. Have your child say the number of the compartment where the object is aloud, write the numeral down and then draw tally marks next to the number that show what the numeral actually represents.

7. Repeat steps 3–5 until the object has landed in each compartment at least once.

Take turns playing the game with your child. Whoever is the first one to get the object to land in each compartment at least once wins!



This guest post is from Natalie Thrash  of , a website that provides the educational resources in any form or device to be used at home, at school, and everywhere in-between.

7 thoughts on “Shake It! A Number Recognition Game”

  1. There are many uses for empty egg cartons. You can paint it to your favorite color or put wrapping paper over it. It becomes a handy container to put jewelry,coins for change,buttons,paper clips,etc. Even a plain empty egg carton can be a handy container for paint drippings, cooking oil drippings, food scraps during cooking,etc.You can also use it as a mini sungkaan game for your kids. Its good for the environment. Reduce,reuse and recycle. Possibilities are endless!

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      1. For sungkaan, put any amount of seashells for example in each empty egg carton space. Has to be the same amount in each space. For example, 5. Grab one batch from 1 space and start putting 1 seashell in each of the other 11 spaces until the last shell on your hand lands in 1 filled space. Then, grab from that particular filled space and start filling up the other 11 spaces. There will be a tendency that some of the other egg carton spaces will be with different amounts of seashells and some would be empty. The loser of the game is when he lands his last seashell in an empty space.


      2. You’re welcome,Meg. The standard game piece is a long wooden log with at least a dozen concave spaces and seashells in each space. If you go to Rustans or SM-Filipiniana section or at Tesoros, I’m pretty sure that there would be a sungkaan set for you to just browse. I don’t know if Divisoria still sells it at all or in your local toy section store. Enjoy!


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