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4 Tips For a Successful Bridal Shower

Last week, me and my college tropa surprised our dear friend, Redge, with a bridal shower. She is going to be Mrs. Mendoza next month that’s why we planned an event to show how excited we are to witness her dream wedding come true. October 8th also served as a reunion for Tropa P as we haven’t seen each other in a while. I missed them!


I was not there to see her reaction when Redge entered the room. She did not have any hint of what’s coming. My other friends contacted some of Redge’s workmates to join the surprise. We planned this for months but never really had a concrete plan until a week before the bridal shower. Naniniwala na akong ang biglaan ay natutuloy! Haha! So here’s the story: It’s Naj’s ( Redge’s friend) birthday and she invited Redge to her party. Mark, the fiancé knew about it so he accompanied his bride-to-be to the hotel and kept his mouth shut. When Redge turned on the lights, she was shocked and did not know what to do that’s why she kept saying bad words. Lol. (I watched the video on my friend’s mobile phone)


I arrived late because I was sick so when I got there, the food was already prepared. Win cut out diamond papers and put it on top of the donuts to make it look like a ring.



Our awesome paper florist, Aiko, made the lovely souvenirs, welcome, and thank you boards. Look at those lips. So girly! She also took part in designing the place together with Micah.

To give life to the event, we played some games. The group was divided into two. The first game was charades. The answers were all related to wedding and marriage (e.g. bridesmaids, parents of the bride, wedding ring etc.) The consequence was the losing team should drink wine. Of course my team won! Haha! The second game was Q and A. Redge was asked a question by each of us and we checked if she and Mark have the same answer. If yes, the person who asked should drink but if their answers are different, Redge should take a shot.

beautiful bride-to-be

The last two games were kinda naughty so I decided not to share it on my blog. For bridal shower games, you may consult Google :p

Some of us spent the night there and had a breakfast buffet the next day. Snapshots:







Tropa P’s first bridal shower was a success! Woohoo! It feels good to be part of your friend’s milestone. We love you, Redge and Mark! May your marriage life be filled with love, understanding, forgiveness, and patience.

If you are planning a bridal shower, here are some tips to make it successful:

1. Create a group chat on Facebook (without the bride of course) so you and your friends can contact each other. I think gc (group chat) is better than text brigade because you can send photos of your suggested venue, souvenir, food and anything that you might need for the event.

2Choose a make up story that does not sound unusual. This is critical.  It’s the make or break of your surprise. Of course your bride-to-be friend can sense if you’re up to something. Few of the suggestions we had were: Win will ask Regde to deliver the brownies of a customer; Mark will ask Redge to delay their anniversary date because there’s a “surprise” date on October 8; and an advance birthday celebration of my daughter. Good thing Naj’s birthday is approaching and we used this to cover the surprise.

3. Delegate tasks to make the preparation easier. Ask some friends to care for the food, set-up and venue. In our case, Bessie booked us two hotel rooms in SBA Twin Towers Ortigas, Win baked brownies and cake (omg, ang sarap!), Aiko and Micah on design and souvenirs, and Arj, Bessie, Con for the rest of the food. We decided to buy food instead of potluck since all of us are working. It’s more convenient. Naj was the one in-charge of games. There were 4 fun games in total.

4. Give an estimated amount of contribution so that everybody can save up for it. Weeks or months before the event, quote a price. If someone can volunteer a place, much better for you do not need to spend money to rent a venue.

I can’t wait to post about the wedding! See you next month, beb!



If you are looking for a crafter for your events, you may contact Aiko of @fleuristaph  on Instagram.

For delicious baked goodies, reach out to Win of @lourdossweetsph on IG and Facebook.

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