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2 Decades and 8

It’s 34 days before Christmas! Whoa! It seems like yesterday when I wrapped presents for our loved ones. Time flies so fast talaga! But before you guys get excited with the most awaited time of the year, I’d like to tell you that I turned 28 last November 2. Haha! I was thinking of what to write for my birthday and came up with an idea of listing down the dreams I want to come true 1-3 years from now.


For my 27th birthday, I wrote about the people and things I am grateful for. You may check it out here. With another year added to my life, I set goals and timeline to make them happen.

In 1-3 years I would love to…

1. Buy our own house

My family has been renting an apartment since 2008. We have moved three times in 9 years. The best place for me is the one we are currently at but, it is expensive to rent a house in Metro Manila. P and I always talk about buying our own house, a home we can call ours. When we do our usual weekend stroll, we point our peg houses and tell each other, “ito pwedeng pwede na yung ganto!” I imagine myself cleaning the house, putting up pink and white decors. P told me that he would buy the kitchenwares and dining set he saw at the mall once we move to our own tiny home. It is one of our #couplegoals.

Some people urge us to get a rent-to-own house in Bulacan or Cavite. While this sounds like a good plan, we have our own reasons for staying in the Metro. We are saving up for it and I am praying that with God’s grace, we can make our dream come true.

2. Have a food business

I would like to venture into food business. It does not need to be a grand one though. It’s all fine with me if I start small. This one needs serious planning and equipping myself with knowledge and new skills. Tapsilog, mini café, and food carts are few businesses I have in mind.

3. Become a work-at-home mom

Being a corporate working mom has a lot of benefits and perks. I don’t earn that huge amount of money but I can say that my salary covers our needs and some wants. Economic-wise, staying in the corporate jungle is more practical but, spending more time with my family while helping my husband with our expenses is what I have been longing for since last year.  My company has exhausted me for the past 8 years and I will forever be grateful to the Lord for my job because it is a BLESSING. I know that He knows what my heart desires and it is for my family’s welfare. While I am aware that I will not get the same amount of salary yet when I give home-based jobs a shot, the joy of fulfilling my responsibilities as a wife and mother is something that money cannot replace.

4. Have more writing and blogging gigs

I know, I know. I haven’t updated my blog for a couple of weeks now. A lot has happened this month and my mind is more tired than usual. This year, I was not able to attend some of my blogging invites due to conflict of schedule. Most of the events were set on a weekday. I work at night and I don’t want to compromise the quality of my work due to lack of sleep if I push myself to cover blogging events. I need to prioritize my job.  When I become a WAHM, I am pretty sure I’ll have a lot more time for writing and blogging gigs. I don’t need to feel sorry because I missed an opportunity. It’s something I would love to do for myself to enhance my writing skills and get a chance to meet other bloggers while earning on the side. Creating a schedule for my blog posts, event invites, and learning sessions makes my heart skip a beat!

5. Travel with my family

Isn’t it great to see the wonders of the Philippines with your family? 🙂 I wish to visit Palawan, Cebu, and Boracay with my children, Mommy and Mama in the near future.


Praying and crossing my fingers that I can achieve them before I become 31 or sooner! 🙂 My bucketlist is simple and maybe some of you have accomplished these already. Congratulations! Give me some tips, can you? I can’t wait for my dreams to come true. How about you? What would you like to achieve in 1-3 years? I’ll include them in my prayers.


30 thoughts on “2 Decades and 8”

  1. I really like the name of your blog. lol. I am also pretty nocturnal myself. I am not a mom, but I am working towards a 3 year plan to complete a degree in education for theater and music.

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      1. awesome, I am an old stage hand. I love theater! and arts education. Grew up with it 100% everyday. miss it so much now though 😦

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  2. Happy Birthday! I hope this year will be absolutely amazing for you!!! I cannot believe that you are 28 when you look 21 🙂 You have beautiful goals and I will keep you in my prayers! I am 29 and will be turning 30 next year which is kind of scary, but I am trying to embrace the journey of growing older and hopefully wiser.

    ❤ Alana xoxoxo

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  3. Belated Happy Birthday,Meg! Your life goals are worth pursuing. Regarding living in Metro Manila, I can see the perks and advantages and real estate is really expensive there. But don’t lose hope. If there is even a plot of land or an old house up for sale within that area that does come up, you may want to consider it. Building a house or renovating an old one within the Metro Manila area is 1 possibility aside from the houses for sale ads. Getting into the food business is a good idea. People got to eat! Make it simple,delicious yet affordable.Whether you lease a space or get a food truck or even be a caterer, you want to make sure that your overhead doesn’t become too much for you that you can’t even earn some profit.I see that Tim Hortons Coffee(Canadian brand) is now in Philippines!

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    1. Thanky ou, Josie! I am glad that you’re part of my birthday 🙂 We are actually hoping that there’s going to be a for sale house in manila that’s within our budget in 1-3 years. Have tou heard of bentelog? Haha! It’s the cheaper version of silog meals. It’s called benetelog because the price starts at bente pesos (20php) and you’ll get to eat hotdog/ham/longganisa with sinangag and egg. I always smile whwnever ziI pass by a bentelog store near our house. My firnd who is in Canada right now worked at Tim Horton’s on her fist year of stay in canada. Yes, Tim Horton’s has reached Metro Manila. Which is better? SB or TH? 🙂

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      1. Keep the faith. Crossing my fingers for you regarding house-hunting. Regarding the “‘log” meals(lol) , my absolute favorite is the Aristocrat’s Filipino breakfast—sinangag,eggs,chorizo,chicken & pork adobo,achara & hot chocolate. Sometimes, if they ran out of chorizo, they serve tocino or tapa. Regarding better coffee, I think its subjective. SH is an American brand and serves fancier coffee combos than TH. However, for me, I think they ‘re equal in terms of taste.

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  4. Belated birthday wishes….
    Hoping that all your wishes do come out true….
    Food business is a great idea… Here in India, supplying home-cooked food, especially to working bachelor’s,is quite a successful business…

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  5. Happy birthday! Already wise at your age, some of your ‘bucket list’ items I still aspire to (at 53 1/2) lol. But this last year has me grateful for becoming a grandmother and hoping that my own almost 27 year old will become as wise a mom as you.

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  6. Idk if nabati kita before Ate pero belated happy birthday!! 💖 Actually, malaki ang kinikita ng home based jobs once settled ka na and nakita mo na yung right job for you. Kaya yan ate! I wish na sana maabot mo lahat ng dreams mo. 🤗💖

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  7. hello sis,,, belated happy bday!!! sobrang bc ko ata sa pg titinda at ndi ko namalayan… push lng sis lahat ng gusto mo ibibgay sayo ni lord yan sa tamang panahon… travel tips minsan pm mko share ko sayo yung sa akin… nag uumpisa palang kmi mag travel travel mag jowa pero yun tlaga din gusto nmin na kahit papano makapag travel kmi khit dito dito lng sa atin khit isang beses isang taon.. mwuah mwuah… luv yah!!!

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    1. Siiiiiiis! Omg nakakatouch to. Salamat. Sobrang naappreciate ko. Sure, pm kita kapag nagstart na kami mgtravel. Wah gusto ko talaga makadaan sa tindahan ninyo. Ippm kita haha. Salamat sis. Stay pretty, loveyou ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  8. Keep at your goals 💖 you will get there! It was only 6 years ago we had alot if the same goals – and we have achieved them 😍 thanks for the follow 🙌 so nice to connect💖

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