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3 Words in 2018

Woot woot! Happy New Year, everyone! 2017 was indeed full of learnings, challenges and love for me. THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF MY 2017 by reading my life’s stories. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog posts, too!

As you may have noticed, I haven’t written anything personal in while. The holiday season made me busy and tired, physically and mentally that I could not force my creative juices to flow. I promised myself that I will write more this month. Speaking of promise, New Year- New Me resolutions are what everyone’s looking forward to. People hope that every new year is better than the last one. There’s nothing wrong with that. Being optimistic in facing a new beginning is one step closer to reaching your goal. As for me, there are three words that I would like to live by this 2018.



I am not proud of this but I have a tendency to become impatient. When I wait for my desktop to load and there are tons of work to do, I keep pressing ‘Enter’ or the space bar looking like a fool because I know it will not resolve my problem. When my kids are noisy or when they throw tantrums (yes, my 10-year old daughter still does it when she’s not in the mood), I lose my patience and shout at them. Even when I tell myself to keep my cool, emotions run faster than my control which is why patience is on top of the list.

I can’t promise to have a halo and be like an angel but I will do my best to be more patient EVERYDAY, especially to my kids. How can I achieve this? It ain’t easy but whenever I feel impatient, I will close my eyes and breathe. I will think that I don’t want my kids to raise their voice when they talk to me and to other people. Another action item is I will use my journal to track the instances wherein I lost my temper so that I can be mindful of my actions. I am not certain if this is going to work but it’s a start and that’s a good thing, right?



Books, journals, Kdramas, zumba, these are few things I failed to keep up with last year. I bought some books and did not even finish reading half of one. I haven’t written on my journal/devotion notebook for a looong time. I am getting big due to lack of exercise and while I prefer to watch Kdramas than stretch my bones, a handful of korean series DVDs are sleeping inside my drawer. Yes, yes, I know consistency is the key that’s why it’s one of my resolutions this year. I have to finish what I started and not put so much on my plate to make sure that everything’s done before I embrace another task or hobby.


Did you get your hands on the new MDC planner? It’s so cool and I was lucky to get one in exchange of 30 points! Love this page in particular:


Overthinking is unhealthy because it blocks me from focusing on the present which prevents me from giving my best in what I do. Despite knowing that this does not benefit me, I am still guilty of it. Sometimes due to being highly emotional, I say things I don’t mean and make decisions without thinking further. I become careless in words and actions. The start of this year has to be positive and I would like to free myself from unnecessary worries for my well-being and to shy negativity away and practicing mindfulness will help me achieve it.

I wish everyone a prosperous and better 2018. This is the best time for us to renew our energy and bounce back. I would love to know your New Year’s resolution. Feel free to share it with me. May the odds be ever in our favor *wink*



27 thoughts on “3 Words in 2018”

    1. It’s not a promotion but a transfer to a site near our home. Fortunately, I passed! 🙂 I am sad to leave my team and colleagues behind but Am excited to start a new beginning now that I can spend a little bit more time with my family.

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  1. Happy New Year,Meg! My New Year’s resolution is to watch over my finances. I still watch my weight and diet but more for weight maintenance. My weight is in the 120’s. Chinese New Year(Year of the Dog) is coming. A 2nd chance to make resolutions too. May tikoy pa! LOL.

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    1. Happy New Year, Josie! Watching over my weight and finances are included in my list, too! The past year was full of foo kaya I feel like I am getting bigger. Kung ikaw may tikoy, kami may fruit salad pa hanggang kanina haha!


      1. Last time I was there was in 2009. I’m not sure when the next time will be. A lot has to do with my work schedule at the Red Cross. If ever it happens, Ill lt you know. Yung pandan mo, I wouldnt try–lol. Nakakatakot–lol.


  2. Aw, man…temper tantrums…still…at age 10?! I was hoping that would be passing soon! My daughter is three. 😉 Temper tantrums are abundant right now, of course. I also am bad about finishing books. I can be reading three different books all at the same time. Good luck with your goals! I posted my goals/resolutions over on my blog if you’d like to know all of them but I think my favorite one might be yoga in the park!!

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    1. Hi Rhea! Oo ang ganda ng planner ng MDC. Nakakagana magsulat hehe. Mahirap talaga maging patiwnt. Sinabi ko rin to sa sarili ko last year pero parang di ko natupad hehe. Hoping and praying na this year ay magimprove tayo rito 🙂

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