Why It’s Important To Celebrate Your Child’s Small Wins (LHD January)

Is it just me or are kids really growing up so fast nowadays? There are times when I feel like I am missing a lot since I am a working mom. Guilt creeps in but I don’t want to entertain this thought and create problems that should not be there in the first place. To fight off this feeling, I decided to document my children’s milestones and highlights monthly on my blog so I can take a trip down the memory lane whenever this Nocturnal Mom feels a little nostalgic.

Little Lady

Ate got a haircut last month. I always want her hair short because she does not comb it. Yes, yes, my 10-year old girl is still like a baby sometimes. She has a handful of hairbows and headbands but they are untouched, unless I put it on her hair when I am the one who preps her for school. To solve her mahangin ba sa labas hair, I brought her to a salon and asked the hairstylist to copy Maricar Reyes’. Tada! Naitawid naman di ba?


Our family also celebrated Ate’s victory. Her grades improved on 7/8 subjects! Yahoo! Math remains as a challenge as her grade did not move but I promise to do my best to help her. It does not matter if it’s just 1 or 2% improvement. What’s important is making her feel that her hardwork does not go unnoticed.


I know it ain’t easy to maintain grades when you’re included in the top section that’s why I am proud of my daughter’s achievement. Sometimes, parents expect too much from their children in school. I am guilty of scolding her when my patience runs out when we are studying for exams but, I realized that kids can only take so much. Memorizing pointers to review for 8 subject is not a walk in the park! If I get confused due to tons of topics during training, the struggle is twice as hard to my daughter.

In celebrating small wins, we can make our children feel that their improvement means a lot to us. It will boost their confidence as they know that we believe in what they can do. When was the last time you appreciated your children’s drawings? Did you give them a pat on the back for passing the exam?

Little Man

My adorable little man! He’s 3 years and 6 months old. To be honest, we are always worried about his weight because as compared to his sister and cousin, he’s thin. He does not drink milk anymore because of an accident that happened more than a year ago. Good thing his weight and height are in the normal range when we checked them last week.


The baby boy brings joy not just to me and husband but to the whole family, too. At his age, he can: count 1-10, sing ABC and Bahay Kubo ng bulol bulol pa, memorize lines in Sing and Mickey Mouse movies, name Marvel characters, knows how to follow requests ( pakitawag si Papa, pakikuha ng towel si Mama etc.) eat full meals ( buti matakaw sya sa solids and loves eating fruits and veggies) uses “po” and ” opo” when talking to us and a whole lot more! Oh, he also tells us when he’s hungry, full or sleepy. You’re doing a good job, baby! Keep it up!

I love sharing stories about my kids, our simple life and misadventures. I hope you enjoyed this post about my kids and parenting as much as I did. Can’t wait to write about their highlights this February. Have a lovely month ahead!


26 thoughts on “Why It’s Important To Celebrate Your Child’s Small Wins (LHD January)”

    1. Thanks for reading, Glaiza! I have my shortcomimgs as a mom and I will never be perfect but I hope I am making my kids happy so they can have tons of good childhood memories to remember when they grow up 🙂


  1. Lovely photo albums. Don’t sell yourself short. You”re a great mom. There”s no solid parenting handbook. Your parenting style adapts to the situation the moment your kids are born. Cultural customs come into play too but only to a certain extent. Common sense prevails. Being supportive of all our kids’ endeavors is important to bolster self-esteem and optimism to succeed more.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Josie! You’re right, actually I don’t want to categorize my parenting style because I believe that it depends on the situation and type of kids. All I want is for my children to be disciplined and feel loved 🙂

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  2. That’s great! Focus on the positive and let this blog be a time capsule for you and your family! You’re doing a great job, momma. Your children see how much you love them and how hard you work for your family. They will never forget that and will model after your example. The days are long but the years are short. I said a prayer for you. May you have a blessed week and many more milestones to cherish ahead!

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  3. Randam ko yang missing out feels na yan. My daughter lives with my mom in Pangasinan and I get to spend time with her on weekends and holidays lang or kung nakapagleave ako.

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  4. I think this is a good idea. Not only that we get to recognize their milestones, parang narerealize din naten kung pano tayo nagiging parent sa kanila. Thanks for this, mommy meg. Can I also blog about my little kid’s milestones like this? Hehe

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    1. Yes naman Jem! 🙂 Send mo sakin link pag tapos ma para mabasa ko 🙂 Masarap balik balikan ang mga alaala ng mga junaknak natin habang maliit pa kasi kapag malaki na parang iba na mundo nila hehe.


      1. Sure, thanks mommy meg. Oo ang bilis pa naman nila lumaki, di ko akalaing ganito kabilis. Soon magwean na siy sa pag breastfeed tapos di niya na ako kailangan huhu 😭

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