Nocturnal Mom’s Eat and Run: Yakibuta

It’s been a while since my last food post.  We visited a couple of new places to eat last year but was not able to share them with you.  Anyhoo, this is my first Eat and Run post for 2018 and I’m hoping I can do it more often. Let’s go japanese this time! Spoil yourself with japanese goodness in Tondo without burning your pocket.

Yakibuta is located in Herbosa, Tondo. They used to have short-legged tables but since they sell samgyeopsal now, we could not sit on the floor anymore (feel na feel pa naman namin pag sa sahig kami nakaupo) They set up chairs and high tables.


This place offers bento meals, barkada meals, maki, tempura, katsu, sushi and ramen. Prices range from 50php-200php which for me is budget-friendly because they serve delectable japanese food fresh from their kitchen. P and Ate like Tempura but since I am allergic to seafood, I usually order Cheesy Chicken Katsu or Teriyaki. Oh, they also have caramelized and crispy lechon kawali which you can avail per gram or as part of your meal.

P made our tummy happy by bringing us to Yakibuta last night. We ordered our favorite dish:

Chicken Teriyaki for Z 90php
Tempura for Ate 3pcs. for 90php
Sumo Bento Meal- Cheesy Chicken Katsu and Beef Teriyaki with Maki and Red Tea 200php
Tofu Furai 50php 8pcs.




We only paid 525php for everything including the Chicken Katsu takeout for Mama. For me, we got more than what we paid for. Haven’t  tried their maki, ramen and samgyeopsal yet but they’re tempting, too! Yakibuta was featured in Rated K (magazine show in PH) before. Oha, artistahin talaga mga taga- Tondo *wink*

One of the reasons why I love living in Tondo is food and yes, that includes Yakibuta 🙂 If we enjoy this place, I know you will, too! Oishi!

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