Rizal Park Visit (LHD February)

I can’t believe that I am posting an entry for Little Humans’ Diary again. Time passed by in a blink of an eye. The first quarter of the year is about to end in a month! Woo! But before that,  let me share my little humans’ February highlights 🙂

Little Lady

My husband bought a new bed and this time,  it’s a double deck. Ate was ecstatic when she saw it and immediately arranged her pillows and blanket for she was told that the upper bed is hers. She put on a lot of stuff! Perhaps she considered it as her own room. I had to pretend that I was furious for her to declutter. Don’t worry Ate, when we buy our own tiny home, you’ll have your own room. Fill it with whatever you want as long as you also clean it yourself. Be responsible *wink*


One Monday, I picked up my daughter from school and was horrified when I saw her crying with a wound and swollen right hand. Her classmate pushed the door of the classroom and her hand got caught in the door. I talked to her classmate’s grandmother ( the classmate’s guardian) and both parties agreed that they (classmate who pushed the door) would shoulder the medical expenses. I had my daughter checked by a doctor, asked for a receipt and together with the prescription, instructed my daughter to give it to her teacher and the latter can forward it to her classmate’s mom.

Well, it actually pissed me off when the teacher sent a message the other day to say that the classmate’s mother declined to pay for everything. Parehas daw kasalanan ng mga anak namin so she should pay just half the total expenses. I was like,”what?!?!” It’s not about the money, you know. It felt like she did not care at all. I doubt if she even asked about my daughter’s condition. If that happened to her son and I’d tell her it’s her son’s fault, too,  how would she react?

Good thing the mother did not try to communicate. Kung hindi, nakatikim siya sa’kin. Haha! Maybe if her reason for not paying the whole amount is because she could not afford it, I would be more understanding but, hey, she thought it’s my daughter’s fault, too. Technically it was, but as a mother, wouldn’t it be ethical to say sorry first? There’s no point putting the blame on the kids. Her son hurt my daughter and she did not even have the slightest concern. Good thing the wound is healed now and my husband reminded me to stay calm. Okay, okay, I have moved on from that incident. Sharing the story just triggered the tiger mom inside me *LOL*

Little Man

My little man got a haircut this month. Look at my binata. He’s growing up so fast. Sometimes, I want time to stop so that my children would be stuck to what they are now *sniff*


He got sick for a couple of days due to cough and colds but my champ was able to recover swiftly. We’re not used to him being weak because he’s the main source of joy and kunsumisyon in our home. LOL. No more sickness, please, Didi.

Rizal Park experience

It has been 2 years since we last visited Rizal Park/Luneta. P and I decided to bring our mini-mes to this place for a day of play and relaxation.

Classic park merienda: ice cream and green mangoes



We were lucky to catch the free orchestra. They played songs like Iingatan Ka and Thriller. Our family listened and stayed for about 15 minutes before the kids asked for a train ride.


Me, Ate, and Z hopped on Pepe and Friends for 50php each.


Nakaka-relax”, my loving husband exclaimed. You let the kids play and guard them while watching people pass by and enjoy their time.  I also saw a couple of families having picnic .  Next time, I will bring our own baon l, sit on the grass while we gladly share home-cooked meals and thank God for a complete and healthy family *sniff again*



The kids requested to eat. We were supposed to drop by Greenwich but the little man insisted that we look for Jollibee. P and I just laughed because our bunso knew what he wanted. That’s another milestone for him- mahirap na syang utuin!

Thank you for reading my children/ family’s stories. Summer is just around the corner and I can’t wait to share my kids’ summer experience. What about your February highlights? Tell me! I’d love to read them.


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      1. Touching snow is like touching shaved ice( used to make snow cone with syrup poured over it).Nearest countries from Philippines to experience winter is China,Taiwan,Korea and Japan if ever you have a chance to travel there. I’m not sure if Hong Kong has winter too.

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