Meow! (LHD March)

School has finally ended which means I can get an additional hour of sleep in the afternoon for I don’t have to pick up Ate anymore! Yay! By the way, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent their love and prayers after reading my last post. I can’t say that I am 100% okay but I am doing my best to face each day with a sunny disposition πŸ™‚

Little Lady

Ate will enter 5th grade next school year. Their homeroom recognition happened on March 23 but only parent officers were allowed to join. Sayang, di nila natikman ang buko pandan ko haha! Ate and I made a deal- if her grades in Math, English and Science will increase by 2 points, I’ll give her 500php. Card distribution is on April 10 but she keeps on reminding me about our deal as early as last week. It’s my small way of rewarding her because even if she did not get any award, I know she did her best. There were misses when it comes to her projects but we managed to pass them before the 4th grading period ended.

P and Ate

P and I never pressured her to get honors or be on top but I want her to build good study habits while she’s young. My daughter, madaldal pero mapagmahal sa teacher. Haha. I once saw a letter on her notebook that goes like, “naiyak ako Ma’am nung sinabi mo na lilipat ka na.” At least I know that she’s a good girl. No instance of “bring mother with plastic cover” because she hurt a classmate. She likes being the secretary, helping her teacher when it comes to paperworks. She looks forward to weekends but going to school daily is never a problem. I never heard her say that she’s too lazy to go to school. The willingness to learn is there. Masyado nga lang playful and isip bata pa rin minsan but overall, she did a good job last school year. I believe that grades aren’t everything. While it’s an indicator that your child is improving and she’s doing well in school, parents should not think that their child is weak just because he/she did not get excellent grades. Every child has their own talents and gifts and we should celebrate our children’s achievements, may it be academically or attitude-wise.

Little Man

It was the last day of March when my son got bitten by a cat! He stepped on it and the cat bit him. P and I brought him to the hospital as soon as we learned about it and my poor boy received 6 shots in total. Good thing our neighbor saw what happened and informed us about the incident. Β Being the paranoid that I am, I searched about rabies and started to feel afraid. I hope that since we were able to bring him to the hospital immediately, everything will be fine. His Papa embraced him while he’s being treated and I had to step out of ER because I couldn’t stand to hear him cry. P told me this story when we got home. The doctor tried to calm Z by saying “last na ‘to baby” when my baby boy exclaimed, “paulit-ulit injection!” Waah, kawawa naman. We have to go back for 4 more times to complete his anti-rabies shots.

I don’t know much about animals but if you or your family member got bitten by an animal, seek medical help immediately because rabies if not treated, can kill you.

My pilyo boy

His tita and cousin tease him by calling him “mingming”. They tell him he will transform into a cat. I told him it’s fine since I am Hello Kitty, it only makes sense that my son is a kitten. Tawanan na lang namin kesa maparanoid ako di ba?


My little man is now potty trained! When I don’t put diapers on him, he tells me he needs to pee. He does not create a mess. Good job, baby! Oh, he loves to swim in our inflatable pool. Kulubot na ang mga daliri, ayaw pang umahon.

I’m thinking of enrolling Ate or the both of them to McDonald’s Kiddie Crew as their summer activity. P and I are also planning to visit Baguio or Tagaytay with the kid in May. What are your plans this summer? Do you know an affordable dance workshop in Manila? Share your thoughts! I’d love to read them πŸ™‚




11 thoughts on “Meow! (LHD March)”

  1. Kahapon lang yung aso nung kapitbahay namin biglang nakalabas ng gate nila at in-attack kami habang nilalakad namin yung aso namin. Dapat talaga resposible ang mga pet owners at sana may program ang baranggay kung saan lahat ng nasa kalye hinuhuli at nilalagay sa pound. Sorry for pet lovers pero human lover ako. Iba talaga ang rabies at di lahat ng pets eh safe. 😦 Good to know na si Little Man malakas at wala namang issue. Hay. πŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oo malakas naman sya, ako ang paranoid haha. Jusko kung hindi nakita ng kapitbahay namin yun malamang nanigas na lang ang junakis ko 😦 Dapat talaga responsible ang kay ari at di hayaan nakakalat ang pets sa daan. Kahapon ko lang nalaman na pusa pala ng kapitbahay namin yon, akala ko pusang gala.

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      1. I wish but realistically, not able to right now. With my work demands, its not easy to plan it. If i ever do, I’ll have to go with other relatives who might travel to PH if ever they do go at all. Going alone to PH, highly unlikely. Belated Easter to you!

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      2. I will surely let you know.In the meantime, i can send you my latest photo if you send me your mailing address. Let me know through my email address which is listed here in WordPress.

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  2. Sayang talaga at di nila natikman yung Buko Pandan sos kawalan nila yon haha!

    Big boy na talaga si Z grabe lalo nakakamukha ni P haha! Hating hati kayo, kaw naman si ate πŸ™‚

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