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The Pillow

Last Saturday night, we were at the hospital for Zady’s 4th anti-rabies shot. A group of people talking in the middle of Emergency Room caught my attention. I overheard that one of their family members just passed away. Two women who were part of the circle sat in front of us.

Disclaimer: Hindi ako tsismosa, medyo malakas kasi ang mga boses nila haha!

After a couple of minutes, a relative entered and gave a purple pouch to the woman in front of me who looked puzzled.

Ano ‘to? Saan galing ‘to?”

“Nakuha namin sa unan ni Nanay. Nagulat kami may nakapa kaming matigas pagbukas namin ng unan may pera pala.”

Another family member joined their conversation,

Kaya pala bago pumunta ng ospital una nyang hinanap yung unan nya. Yakap yakap nya.”

They were referring to a red Hello Kitty pillow held by the one who just came in.

Kada siguro nagpapadala ng pera sa kanya nagtatabi talaga siya. Ang dami nyang naipon.”

I shared this story to my husband and he replied, “Ang galing no? Di nya na pinahirapan yung mga kapamilya nya. Alam nya na rin siguro oras na nya kaya ‘di nya kinalimutan yung unan.”

On our way home, I realized that;

1. We should never discount the power of saving.

2. More Filipinos, should be educated about proper ways of saving money. Have you heard the story of the forgotten money? I chanced upon this on Facebook. A retired family driver saved money inside his closet many years ago and completely forgot about it. Last year, his wife discovered his savings (if my memory serves me right, the amount is between 50-100k) but got heartbroken because they were old bills that have no value anymore. They tried their luck in Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and explained the situation but failed on their first attempt. What if Nanay’s family did not notice the pouch? That’s money that would be thrown away which could have been used for medical or funeral service. It would be unfortunate, right? You can start the education inside your family. Who knows, maybe your parents are doing the same method of saving. Ask then teach them.

3. It’s never too late to start saving. The best time to do it is now. There’s a lot of tips out there! Saving does not mean you’ll choke yourself and not experience the things you want. It means you budget your money so you can cover all needs, pleasures, and emergencies.

4. Knowing that you are going to have a decent final resting place will give you peace.

Rest in peace, Nanay. Thank you for your story. I am pretty sure it’s not a coincidence that I happened to know it.  I hope you have a red pillow up there.


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22 thoughts on “The Pillow”

  1. Great lesson learned from this is to put the money in a bank or invest it in stocks,mutual funds for example. It will be much safer than keeping it in a pillow which could get lost,etc. Also make sure that other family members are aware of the money stashed away and put into a written document issued by the bank. It’s as simple as putting ones name with another trusted relative as “and/or ” or as main beneficiary. Then only then can you plan how to use your money with peace of mind.

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    1. You’re right, Josie. I like the idea of trusted relatives. When I was a kid, I remember my gran going to the bank to deposit money. She keeps Her passbook safe inside her closet. I’m not sure if that passbook is still with her though.l or that bank account is already closed.

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      1. Only your grandma knows if she still has the passbook or if her bank acct is still open . Still, her money is still safe because its in the bank since at that time, she has a passbook which is proof that she has an account there.. Even if she lost that passbook, she can always get a replacement from the bank.. The money doesn’t go anywhere unless she tells the bank to do so.

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  2. I usually do the same saving process. Maybe it really depends. I tried saving it through my bank acct before, but I’m failing because I’m using ATM. There are millions of ATMs all over the world, so I don’t mind thinking about my expenses ‘cause in my perspective I still have money in case I needed to spend more. So my savings are pretty useless, that’s why I’m putting it in one bottle, leave it at home and saving it for a year before I transfer it to my bank account. This is more effective for me. I also have a separate savings for my investment. ☺️❤️

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    1. I guess you should do what works for you 🙂 I was just worried since no one nknew about the lmoney and it could have ended up in trash or hidden forever if they did not discover it. Wow, that’s good to know that you are into investments. I want to try that in the future 🙂

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  3. I remember my dad. Huhu 😭 and my mom. Before he died, nagtitira siya sa pension niya kasi may pinagiipunan siya. Unfortunately,none of us knows the pin number of his atm. The funny side is even yung kay mama, hindi namin alam ung pin kasi si papa lang talaga ang nagwiwithdraw lagi. We ended up asking for a reset of mom’s atm pin. With papa’s money, hindi pa namin nakuha until now. We have no idea how it was, either.

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      1. As per bank, kay sss daw kami makipagcooperate since pension yun. May pinapirmahan na si sss para dun e. Not sure though, if it will be transferred to mom’s account or papayag na iwithdraw ni mama.

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  4. Yung sa retired driver na napaglumaan na yung pera, eto ba yung pinalabas sa KMJS?

    I agree with Kat, financial planning ang kulang sa atin, lalu na dun sa mga older generation kaya karamihan sa kanila mali ang way ng pagsi-save.

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  5. Nice Mommy Meg! Ang ganda ng story ni Nanay, at alarming ang story ng forgotten money. Mahalaga talaga ang savings. Pwede pa namang gamitin ang old coins diba? May alkansya kasi ako, puro 5 saka 10-peso coins ang laman.

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  6. It seems macabre for most people, but let’s get real and accept the fact that we’re all heading down the grave, sooner or later. Nowadays, people are more accepting of preparing for their funeral expense. I agree, everyone needs to prepare for the unexpected 🙂

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