Nocturnal Mom’s Eat and Run: Pages and Lattes

Whenever I see a new café that’s accessible to our home, my heart skips a beat because I get so excited to visit it. After Z’s second anti-rabies shot (he graduated already yay!) we noticed Pages and Lattes, a place perfect for students and book lovers. Thanks to my husband’s libre, I have another Nocturnal Mom’s Eat and Run post *wink*


I am not really a fan of coffee but I am a sucker for chocolates and cakes. I tried their chocolate chip milkshake while Papa asked for a plate of carbonara (favorite nya talaga yan kahit saan kami magpunta) Our little man got himself a slice of chocolate ganache.

While waiting for our order, I checked out the collection of books they have. You can choose from medical, history, inspirational and fiction. Since Pages and Lattes is located in an area sorrounded by schools, I am pretty sure that college students frequent this café.




this is not scripted :p

Our little family sat in the study area. I find it cool that they set up this space for students since the long table has study lamps and pen holders.


If you need to grab a bite and review for your exams where it’s relaxing and convenient, try this place. I love their wall as it is full of positivity because of the decors. Look, instagram-worthy!




Here comes the food


chocolate ganache




We rate our food two thumbs up especially the creamy carbonara. P and I also talked about how satisfied we were with the serving portion. Their clubhouse is good for 2 people (and they use wheat bread, by the way) and the milkshake, too. Actually, I expected more from chocolate ganache since it’s the most expensive among everything that we ordered. It’s chocolatey but the bread is too dry for me. It crumbled easily.


my brave boy

P spent almost 600php for everything and we were all smiles when we went home. I will come back to try their adobo pasta and blueberry cheesecake.

Pages and Lattes is open from 3pm-3am. It is located at 83 Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue, Morning Breeze Subdivision Caloocan City, near MCU Hospital.



6 thoughts on “Nocturnal Mom’s Eat and Run: Pages and Lattes

  1. josiesvoice says:

    In the US, there’s a bookstore chain called Barnes and Noble and here in Canada, we have Chapters(now known as Indigo) where you can browse books and both have cafes as well.


      • josiesvoice says:

        The 2 bookstore chains that i mentioned to you are very big places where you can even spend the whole day there reading a book or magazine. They even sell toys and gift items aside from having cafe chains like Starbucks for example, on the premises. Books are great. You can even invest in an e-reader like Kindle where you can upload many digital books and just swipe the screen as you turn each digital page. Saves a lot of space and easy to handle if you move it around than a box of books but surely, nothing beats the feel,smell and touch of a book.. To each his own.

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