How Long Are You Going To Trust Him?

A friend told me that the true test of faith is not when everything goes your way. It’s actually the opposite. How long are you going to trust the Lord and His plans when what’s happening in your life is not what you prayed for?

Thoughts about quitting my job is making sleep quite impossible these days. I have this strong desire to resign and it has been on my mind for almost 3 months now. Ang tagal na no? But I’m still working in the company I consider my second home for the past 8 years. I cannot really figure out the exact reason why I made up my mind that before the year ends, I’ll say goodbye. One factor is I want to have a “normal” life. Normal for me means I get to sleep with my family and not having to worry about my future schedule for I know I will always have time for myself and the people I love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m  not saying that those who work in graveyard shift and weekends do not have a normal life. This is my personal definition of the word based on my current situation.

Te ang tagal mo na sa industriya, di ka pa ba sanay? I ask this myself from time to time. Sanay na ako at dahil I am used to this lifestyle, the environment and what I do, I crave for a different one. I want to rest for a bit then explore other opportunities.

Dami mong sinasabi e bakit hindi ka umalis?

Oh heck,  I consider a lot of things- my annual increase will take effect in July and it’s an unwise move if I resign now; I’d like to take advantage of the retirement policy of my company so that my years of service can be rounded off to 9 years (if I did not have maternity and medical leaves , June is the perfect month to go); I still dont know what I will do next after my resignation; since March, we have been spending money on occasions and medical needs; we need to reserve fund for Ate’s school stuff as June is just a month away then after that, it’s Z’s  birthday. Whew!

My husband assures me that it’s okay for him if I quit. There is going to be a huge adjustment in our finances but he tells me that we don’t have a choice but to get by. Yung iba nga raw nabubuhay sa kariton. That’s him being realistic or maybe he’s tired of listening to my endless rants.


Despite the stress and pressure that I am feeling right now, I thank God for surrounding my life with people who understand what I’m going through. A friend told me that if God’s answers to our prayers are inconsistent, it means no, wait or not now. I may not get everything that I want when it comes to my job but one day, I will realize that this is what I need. This is what God has planned for me.

Slowly, I am trying to accept the fact that I may need to stay longer until my plans are accomplished. It’s easier said than done but I am looking forward to better things and to make the most out of my remaining months in the company. There’s no point feeling down in the dumps as I know that holding on is a better and practical choice for now. Who knows, maybe in 4 months I’ll change my mind. Nothing’s over until it’s over 🙂




17 thoughts on “How Long Are You Going To Trust Him?

  1. Maybe it’s just a phase wherein we feel like resigning…eventually lilipas din yan. hope you’ll get back to a phase kung saan di mo na ulit iisipin mag-resign. haha. dadating yan at a proper timing ika nga hehe. Trust that He is always in control of our lives, and He has a lot in store for us, and most of them are the things we couldn’t imagine. ganyan ka awesome si Lord, diba? 🙂

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    1. Yeye salamat sa paalala hehe. Actually last year ko pa gustong magresign pero nauudlot haha. Gusto ko rin kasi magtry sa ibang industry dahil for the longest time iisa lang ang company at work ko hehe.Yup, ganun na nga trust the Lord alam ko
      May reason kung bakit magstay ako sa ngayon 🙂

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  2. For now, stick with your current job. At least you’re earning your pay , work benefits and it helps pay the bills. In the meantime, it will give you more time to look around if there are other career options that you can pursue and have time to think them over if they’re suitable for you or not. It will involve time,effort and money if you really want to make the change. Pray also to God to guide you as to your decision making.

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    1. Thansk for this advice Josie 🙂 Yes, I’ll stay for now while looking for other opportunities because I can’t afford to lose a job for a long ltime since we have bills to pay and Instill want to give my family what they want. Hoping that if moving out is for me, everything will go smoothly.

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      1. Change is never easy nor predictable. If it were, the adjustment will be always smooth. In your case, your reality is being both a wife and mother and not a single lady. You have to run a household not only emotionally but also financially. Life is hard. Sometimes, if we are even lucky to get a job that helps us provide for our selves and loved ones,we have to be glad for the opportunity. Others aren’t lucky to get such a chance. I also understand your need to be happy for a career or calling that you want for yourself. Explore your options carefully. Take your time going over how you can proceed and prepare for it. Make sure you still are working on your current job while doing all this planning. Don’t leave your old job until you’re pretty sure that you can already transfer to the new one. Just saying.

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      2. Yes, life is hard! Haha! Yup, I have to stick with my current job until I’m shre that I have a new one. My husband is thinking about starting a small business. We haven’t really talked about it yet but we will pray for it 🙂

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    2. Enjoyed reading it ate meg-meg, blessed to hear your story and the comments section. Makaka pulot din ng aral sa readers mo hehe.. I’m at the point of my life na di ko alam anong gusto ko, nakakapagod na mapuyat, ang bilis uminit ng ulo ko kay zoey kht maliit na bagay. Thinking of switching too pero di ko alam saan, fear and anxiety is always there. For now i choose to stay kase ok naman ang income, nakaka ipon kahit pano at chill lng sa program ko, and i have good co-workers and friends here. Ang babait din ng mga boss. I trust God, i know he has better plans to us, let’s hold on to his promise. Life verse ko na din ata yan hehe..

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  3. Can understand you… i had similar sleepless nights just before resigning… it was big step, and i was still debating between what my heart said and what my brain said, what is practical and what i wanted…. finally i went with my heart….and i haven’t regretted it much….

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