20 Reasons Why

My daughter went home from school last week with a consent form that says I am giving her the permission to attend Journalism class everyday at 10:50 am. I smiled because I was in Journalism class, too, when I was in elementary and high school. I wrote for our school paper. I asked her if she wants to do it and her response was YES. It dawned on me that I see myself in my daughter.


Aside from the nguso (people who know us will agree) and dimples, here are 20 reasons why my daughter is my mini me:

1. Our favorite expression is “OMG!”
2. We love dancing
3. We love singing
4. Ate and I are crazy for chocolates, cake and ice cream
5. Nocturnal Mom and Ate are challenged in Mathematics (haha)
6. We talk to ourselves (but nowadays I only do it while taking a bath)
7. We are head over heels for Hello Kitty
8. My mother told me that I suffered from eczema when I was four years old. Two years ago, Ate had acrodermatitis, a skin condition that lasted for months. Feeling ko namana nya yon sa akin.
9. I can still remember when my Grade 2 teacher reported me to my mother because I am so talkative. Last year, Ate’s class adviser (Ma’am Mich) made me aware of my daughter being chatty. (Oh, but Ma’am Mich is my favorite teacher so far because she really cared for Ate) When my mother learned about my school visit, she laughed and commented, “ABA MANA LANG SAYO ANG ANAK MO!”
10. We’re both Daddy’s girl
11. Ate likes Maine Mendoza. I am not really a fan but I like her, too.
12. Ate and I doodle. A lot.
13. We love to bring our own baon
14. I keep Ate’s hair short (kasi hindi sya nagsusuklay) and I had the same hairstyle when I was in elementary
15. We value friendship
16. Nocturnal Mom and Ate are thoughtful (promise! Haha)
17. We love to tell school and office stories to Papa ( Ate shares her stories to me as well)
18. We love watching our favorite movies over and over again (though magkaiba kami ng paborito)
19. Ate and I are fans of children’s party and parlor games
20. Ate’s dream is to become a teacher and that’s actually one of my dreams, too. Second to becoming a housewife.


I did not teach these things to my daughter but maybe she saw me doing some that’s why she imitated me. But sometimes I ask myself why Ate is not into books even if she sees me reading at home. Maybe because I was not able to introduce reading to her when she was a toddler? I don’t know. I tell her to read books but she likes acting more. Oo, umaarte sya bahay. She pretends to be a character in some movies or series and she invents her own script. I told her that she can be an actress and to join Drama and Theater Arts Club in high school or college. I don’t act pero maarte ako *lol* Even if we have a lot of similarities, we are two different persons and I would like Ate to have her own interests based on her decision and likes. I am here for guidance, not force her to be like me. The best thing that I can do is to be a good example to Ate , guide, support, and love her unconditionally.


We share the same zodiac sign- Scorpio :p

Ate and I had a mini Q and A before- click this.



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      1. Hahaha 😀 Nice. I’m always close sa mga friends ko na scorpio. The moment we realize na were both scorpio, instant connection. Hahaha 😀

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