Be A Reason of Gratitude (Better Than Jewels 11-3)

I once read a quote that goes like “it’s not everyday that you get a chance to help others that’s why when you have the opportunity, grab it. ” Being a reason for someone’s gratitude feels wonderful. It’s not that you want to lend a hand so that someone would feel indebted to you but being a receiver of other people’s kindness, it is a blessing to share it to those who need help.

A few weeks ago,  my husband and I had a conversation about money. I was upset because we did not have an extra budget that time and he had to withdraw from our savings account to be able to lend money to a person. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not bad or greedy. I just did not like the idea that my husband had to pinch from our savings just to grant that person’s request. I was emotional that time for I felt like he could not understand where I’m coming from. Then the Lord opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective on what happened. We went to church that week and that’s what the sermon was about- generosity. Ang bilis ng sagot ni Lord. The story about the widow who shared his last piece of bread to Elijah moved me. The borrower of the money will use the amount for his business in order to sell his goods and I know he’s grateful to the Lord for He provided his needs. We became an instrument but it’s still the Lord who gave what he needed.

Money is not the only way you can help. If you can do a service using your skills and gifts, do it. If you know a loved one who is bothered by his problem, ask that person if you can pray for him. If your colleague needs help in completing tasks, teach him your best practices. I’m positive that in your own way you provided the help that someone needed- financial, words of encouragement, a service or even a sincere prayer. Hindi nga naman araw araw ay Pasko but there’s always someone to be thankful for and you can be a blessing everyday.

To receiving and sharing blessings,




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