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Transition (Plans, Morning, Depression)

It was a tiring week for me due to our client’s visit and since last Sunday was spent in the office, my work week ended yesterday. Yay! No work on a Friday! I was able to wash clothes and had enough sleep that’s why I woke up early today (no nightmares, thank God) and I’m thinking of everything I want to do. And when I say everything, it’s not just one or two.  I actually have 5 in mind. Haha! What to do?

I actually tweeted about this thought. Which is the most important?

a. Get my self a pair of new slippers because my old one was destroyed
b. Take advantage of the Buy1 Take1 promo of karazapatos ( I want their flats badly)
c. Visit The Witches Diner Brew, a Harry Potter- themed cafe in Paranaque
d. Grab a new book from Book Sale (I would love to go to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale pero ang daming tao)
e. Just stay at home and save money because its my husband’s birthday in a few weeks

Ano na? Haha! I don’t deprive myself of the things I want especially if it can be of good use to me but I also need to consider our budget and future expenses. Kung pwede lang magwithdraw ng magwithdraw di ba? But I know there are other things that are more important than my personal likes.

This random blog post is so unexpected. Truth be told, I just want to document that I slept peacefully last night and I am starting my day full of hope that it’s going to be a happy day. My absence in WordPress is due to personal issues I have to deal with. I just can’t write when I’m too emotional. Saying that I’m always glad and optimistic when I wrote every single story here is artificial. Because it’s not true. But my blog posts were born out of love and I aim to inspire, make others smile and have them relate to my stories when they read it. That’s why I stopped writing/blogging because I’m not okay. Not sure if I can use the word “depressed” because I did not get myself checked by a professional and just answered a test from a health magazine. I’m positive in 6 out of 7 signs of depression. Not sure if sharing what I’m going through is a wise decision. People will judge and raise eyebrows but does it matter? At this point I just want to be true to myself and take advantage of the calmness of my whole being. Ang arte no? Hehe.

Few months ago, I wrote for my birthday after being silent for a couple of months. It’s a madrama one but by that time, I was hopeful and thought the storm had passed. I can’t believe that I am going through this again and it’s even worse, hundred times worse than the first. I’m uncertain if I’ll be able to get up and move on swiftly but one thing that I don’t doubt is God’s love. I questioned Him many times why I have to face these challenges and I may not have the answers now but one day, everything will make sense. Let me take everyday slowly, one step at a time and enjoy moments like this when my heart is at peace and I opened my eyes with a smile on my face.

Ang haba na ng nirating ng kwentuhan natin. Ang galing ng transition no? Haha! Thank you for reading. Going back, ano na nga bang pinakamahalaga dun sa mga plano ko ng maisakatuparan na today? 🙂


Hoping for more happy and peaceful mornings,



7 thoughts on “Transition (Plans, Morning, Depression)”

  1. Yung excited akong mabasa yung 5 thoughts na gusto mong gawin TL pero bigla naging seryoso yung kwento about depression. Aja lang TL Meg! ♥️


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