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Family Day at Museo Pambata

Raise your hand if you explored Museo Pambata during your school’s educational trip. This used to be included in the list of places to visit when there’s field trip. Isama mo na ang factory ng lapis, crayons at theme park. Some schools still bring their students here. Mostly pre-schools. My first Museo experience was not when I was in elementary but when I’m already a mom 6-7 years ago with P and Ate. Now with my second child in tow, my family had fun in this tiny spot.


Museo Pambata is located in Ermita, Manila. Entrance fee is 250php per head but if you’re a resident of Manila, you can get 50% discount. Amazing! Before you enter, Kuya at the front desk will give you a brief instructions on what rooms are available with matching pamphlet.


Our first stop was Kalikasan. It displays a handful of sea shells and corals. I enjoyed my time admiring the room’s concept.


Turn left and you’ll experience farm life. Bahay Hilot caught my attention as it has samples of stuff that manggagamot use in treating people- a prayer booklet, medallions and cross. See those tubes with tiny holes? Those are herbal medicines- peppermint and cilantro which you can smell through the holes.


Syempre hindi magpapahuli sa kalikasan ang Bahay Kubo. I asked Z to sing for me but he’s not in the mood hehe. Vegetable and plant displays are made of yarn. Yes ginantsilyo sila. Ang galing!


Next stop- Maynila Noon. As you can see on the picture, P was using the old school telephone. May tao sa kabilang line! Our heroes like Apolinario Mabini and Emilio Jacinto speak to you and tell you their story. The kids rode tranvia pero masyadong maraming tao at maalog sya kaya di ako nakakuha ng litrato. Aside from flags and heroes, there are pictures of places then and now hanging on the wall like Quiapo and Manila City Call.


Tanda nyo nung History class, nadiscuss ni teacher na nakikipagkalakalan tayo ng spices? Wala lang, naalala ko lang haha! Kids were playing in Spanish Galleon while I smelled pepper, garlic, and cinnamon samples.

Bahay na Bato and a very sosyal na mirror




Ate had her picture taken with a miniature jeepney in Bata sa Mundo room. We also tried to play sungka and checked out a few items from China and Korea like shoes, bowl and chopsticks and medicinal plants. Yes, parang Jang Geum yung feeling ko when I touched those plants 🙂

Time to know what’s inside our body!


Paglaki Ko- Barber Z, customer Ate and tambay Papa 🙂


Pamilihang Bayan


My favorite room- Aklatang PAMBATA IMG_0836 Daming books for kids. IMG_0837 I wanted to stay here and read to the kids but they were running and playing so P and I just watched a short story video.

Last stop- Love My Planet Earth


The kids explored Diwata, the Philippines’ very own microsatellite. Inside Diwata, you can read info about climate and space.

Look at our scientist 🙂


P and I at Ganito Kami Noon


Final snapshot before we called it a day!


I just found out that Dolphy’s monument is outside the museum. Museo used to be a beneficiary of Dolphy’s foundation that’s why they buit it in memory of him.


Our short but sweet Museo Pambata visit is definitely worth it. I’m delighted  that we took that kids out as we haven’t done it for a while. Hoping to come back here soon. By that time malay nyo, lima na kami *wink*

Hoping for More Fun Family Days,


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