How To Set Goals and Reach Them (Game Plan for Success 4)

It’s not a coincidence that I became part of The Fulfilled Women’s Game Plan for Success Batch 4: Aspiring Entrepreneurs last Saturday, April 13. There was hesitation when I first saw the invite but decided to sign up and I AM GLAD I DID. Women from all walks of life gathered together to inspire each other and learn something new.  In my heart, I know that it’s exactly what I need- have clarity and direction on what I want to achieve, especially now that I am in the process of healing myself from past heartbreaks. Game Plan was indeed a day full of positvity and encouragement.

I was ecstatic as I entered the venue and when Coach and Motivational Speaker Viviene Bigornia, greeted me. As an early bird, this lovely pouch was given to me as a reward. Ang ganda di ba? Ang lakas maka goob vibes!

Rhia Ricafranca of Forget Me Not Designs Co

Since everyone was a first-timer, Viviene asked us to go around and ask each other what our favorite book is as a getting-to-know-you activity. It’s nice to get to know other people. Haven’t met new ones in a while.

Miss Viviene, founder of The Fulfilled Women community

A worksheet was provided and we were asked to write our goals and which one we want to achieve in the next 3 months and shared it to the class. The class was cheering as we shout out our goals. From being debt-free to writing her own book, the group has full faith that we can make our dreams come true in less than 100 days.


Everyone has a purpose, find yours and live it. Easier said than done, right? When you finally know your what your heart desires, reality bites. We have bills to pay, families to feed and life sometimes made us forget what we really want to pursue. In my case, my goal to work in the media industry has been clear to me since highschool but who would have thought that I’d become a young mom at 17 years old. Buuuuut, it’s not too late to set goals and reach them! You just have to DO SOMETHING AND YOU CAN DO IT NOW!


Here are my takeaways from Game Plan which I would love to share with you:

– 3 Cs in reaching your goal- CLARITY (decide on the goal you want to achieve); COURAGE (develop a tough mindset) and; COMMITMENT (determine and commit to your game plan)
– Failure is actually PART of success.
– Have a never-give-up attitude and DO NOT LISTEN to naysayers
– Success is an INSIDE JOB
– You can visualize your success by making a VISION BOARD


– You can also make a list of your desired outcome and completion date
– Focus on the outcome and NOT the task
– In reaching your goals, you may also find an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER
– Evaluate your progress from time to time for you to find out how near you are to your goals
– Make use of your idle time to do the things that will help you in reaching your goals

March Vargas

March Vargas, singer, speaker and vlogger, shared information on how to successfully launch your business. I would love to venture into food business and meat shop. My family is is a big one and we love to eat that’s why I thought of this kind of business. That’s the first step- find your product/service. In doing so, think of what’s lacking that you can provide. If the product is already there, be creative and make it better. If you still can’t decide on what to sell, ask yourself what you’re passionate about. Last year, I opened up an online shop named dvcutefinds where you can buy all cute stuff for personal use. It’s a product of my kakikayan.  Do you love milk tea? Are you updated in fashion? Turn your passion into business! Business is all about PROVIDING SOLUTIONS. Once you know what you want to sell, then you can LAUNCH IT. You don’t need to go that far in marketing your business as there’s social media. Send a message to your family and friends so they can be your buena mano. Ask for feedback, too! If you’re working in a corporate setup and feel like time is against you, track your time on a daily basis and you’d be surprised how much extra hours you have which you can use in learning about your new project.

True story: After the workshop, I sold mango float to the office and ubos agad ang first batch 🙂

Now let’s make everything legit. You need to register your business. March’s is tip is to test the waters first before you do it because there’s a possibility that you may backout and decide you want to do something else. You still need to pay the government when you close down a business and might end up paying tax penalties. So sample muna and once you can say “this is really is it is it ng bonggang bongga!” then you can visit DTI’s website to know how to register your business 🙂


An activity made most of us cry. Just by looking at your group mates in the eyes, you need to tell her what you think she is. Tears tumbled down our faces as we hear kind words from each other. We tend to forget who we really are because of the challenges we face and responsibilities we carry on our shoulders. It’s life changing when you realize that “Hey, I used to be full of life and love! Is this what life has turned me into?” Natanong ko kasi yan sa sarili ko kaya may puso. May hugot hehe. Sometimes it takes one person for you to know who you are. Be kind to others and to yourself, too. Self- love is NEVER EVER selfish.

Sharon Maya

Miss Sharon Maya, one of the speakers of Freedom Summit inspired us with her own story. From hitting rock bottom due to a family
problem to being a successful writer and speaker, I admire this woman’s strength in braving the storms of life. With the help of The Fulfilled Women, she was able to get back on her feet, rebuilt her family and became a better version of herself- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I know that she will touch more lives with her stories and words of wisdom.

True story: I hugged her tight after the event and thanked her for her testimony. God is so good talaga!

We had our class picture taken at the end of the class and we were overjoyed that we got a chance to meet each other. All of us went home with a different mindset and a heart full of courage to set our goals and get them. To The Fulfilled Women Community, my heartfelt gratitude for this opportunity. One day, I hope that I can share my failures and success in your future workshops 🙂

The Class courtesy of The Fulfilled Women Community



The one who started it all, Miss Viviene Bigornia, coach, motivational speaker and writer, thank you for this wonderful experience. If you want her to work alongside you as a coach, shoot her a message on Facebook or Instagram- The Fulfilled Women Community. She has e-books that you can read as well.


Before the event started, we had a chance to beautify ourselves using Mary Kay products courtesy of Sales Director, Rica Huang.

Rhia Ricafranca of Forget Me Not Designs Co gave away notepads with her own handpainted design. For personalized notepads, calligraphy lessons and invitations, please follow her on Facebook – Forget Me Not Designs Co and Instagram – @forgetmenotdesignsco



J&J Events provided snacks and I swear, super sarap ng food at ang ganda ng set up. Send them a message on Facebook – J&J Events to avail their service.

For events singers/bands, you may reach out to March Vargas of Serenade Society. 


GreatWork provided a comfy space for us. The staffs are accommodating and nice. Check out GreatWork if you are looking for an office space or venue for your meetings and workshop.

With You in Reaching Your Goals,


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