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San Miguel Pure Foods Kid’s Kitchen Camp 2019

Do you involve your kids into cooking? My panganay, Tien, was asked to cook hotdogs and eggs for her brother a handful of times. She also offers help when I bake but I’m guilty of not letting her because I want to finish immediately. Good thing San Miguel Pure Foods invited us and other moms and their kids to Kid’s Kitchen Camp 2019 wherein children cooked and prepared easy and delicious meals. This activity made me realize that I should really let Tien experience working in the kitchen as she enjoys it a lot.


Last Friday, May 3, San Miguel Pure Foods Kid’s Kitchen Camp 2019 was held at Makati Diamond Residences. Mommy bloggers and our little ones shared fun, food and new experiences.



“If kids are much more in volved in food preparation, then they truly get encouraged to eat more, which promote: good nutrition, plus they learn’ cooking early, a very important life skill” says Llena Tan-Arcenas, the Culinary Services Manager of San Miguel Pure Foods.



This year, our little chefs were taught how to prepare 5 scrumptious yet kid-friendly recipes such as Nachos Afritada using Purefoods Chicken Afritada and Magnolia Cheddar Cheese


Pulled Pork Tacos made from Purefoods Pulled Pork BBQ Pinoy Style and Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze


Quick Meaty Spaghetti using Dari Creme, Monterey Ground Pork, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs Jumbo and Magnolia Cheezee


Flower Pot Cakes made from Magnolia Devil’s Food Cake, La Pacita Graham Crackers, Magnolia Cream Cheese and Magnolia All Purpose Cream


and the classic Chicken Tinola simplified by using Magnolia 3-way Chicken Cinger-Based. These recipes were enjoyed together with Magnolia Choco/ait and La Pacita Oat Cookies served as snacks. The fun and ta\ented chefs of SMPF Culinary Center under the supervision of Pame\a ‘chef Pam‘ Obieta together with MDR chefs conducted the event.

While the kids were busy, the parent bloggers were able to document the whole event and enjoyed snacks prepared by MDR, which induded Arroz Caldo made from Magnolia 3-Way Chicken Ginger-Based and Chicken and Pulled Pork Pie using Magnolia Chicken and Purefoods Pulled Pork BBQ Pinoy Style.


I don’t like ginger on my food but I was able to finish a bowl of Arroz Caldo kahit nalalasahan ko ang luya kasi masarap. Tien’s favorite were tacos and spaghetti. We were so full that day!

Before going home, a group photo was taken and you could see the delight in every child’s face. I hope that I can attend more blog events with my kiddos so they can experience new activities and learn from other people.









Nocturnal Mom will always let Tien lend a hand whenever I cook so that she can develop her cooking skills and be proud of her work. She’s big enough to be a kitchen assistant and that can also be a bonding time for us. Thank you, San Miguel Pure Foods! Kids and moms can tell that you guys are the best!


*All San Miguel products used in Kid’s Kitchen Camp 2019 are available in supermarket and grocery stores nationwide

Cheers to More Events With My Chikiting,




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